Shop Online And Save The Environment


According to a recent article in Huffington Post, Canadian online shopping has outpaced traditional retail with Canada’s 2013 Black Friday online sales increasing by over 19.19% over the previous year’s sales. Such trend is expected because online shopping is highly convenient and efficient for shoppers considering that it can virtually occur anywhere at any time through personal mobile gadgets. Compared to traditional shopping at brick and mortar shops, online shopping is friendlier to the environment.
The impact of online shopping to the environment
1.    Online shopping reduces the need for transportation

If the shopper was to buy from traditional brick and mortar shops, he needs to travel to reach the store that requires fuel consumption. Online shopping reduces the impact of consumer travel since online shopping can be performed from the comfort of home or the office. Not only does online shopping optimize fuel efficiency; it reduces carbon footprints.

2.    Packaging can be recycled for another purpose

Online purchases are typically delivered in boxes, and these boxes can be reused for another purpose. Aside from being reused for packaging gifts to family or friends in far off locations, packaging boxes can be used for storage. If you do not have any immediate needs for the boxes, it can be dropped off to recycling centers.

3.    E-commerce sites make use of sustainable packaging

It is very obvious that the demand for renewable packaging is to address the concerns over the longevity of natural resources. Companies that are implementing sustainable packaging are reducing their carbon footprints by using more of recycled boxes and packaging supplies. Instead of paper packaging, virgin fiber is sourced from renewable plantations.

4.    Reduction of overall packaging

Consumers have their opinions about packaging, opinions that are expressed with the hope that major retailers will give the customer the option on how they want their orders to be packed. For example, Amazon is giving its customers the option between Frustration-Free Packaging and consolidation of all items into one shipment to reduce the need for packaging supplies.
While the choice to opt for online shopping is due to convenience, there is a rising awareness among consumers to support more responsible packaging to save the natural resources for the future generation.

Suddenlink Customers Will Shoulder The Paper Billing Cost


According to one of the customers of Suddenlink, there was a notice in the billing statement that the company sent last month. The notice was regarding an additional charge of $1 which is called as the paper convenience fee. All of their customers will have the said additional charge starting from their July 1 billing statement.

The new charge for the paper billing was agreed after Suddenlink has decided last February that they will be charging their new customers with $1 for the paper billing. This is because during the sign up process, the customers have the option whether to avail paper billing or paperless billing.

What was before decided for the new customers is now in effect for existing customers of Suddenlink as well.

According to an email sent by the corporate communications’ senior director, Gene Regan, the $1 fee will be used in the costs that has always incurred during the postage and the handling of the paper bills which are sent to each month to customers who have availed of paper billing. He also wrote in the email that the company considers paper billing as an environmental issue.

He also added that there is an option to receive an electronic statement every month with no cost since it is the standard billing method of Suddenlink and is a free service for everyone. The electronic billing method is also more environmental friendly compared to paper billing.

Regan did not provide the exact data in order to have an idea of the difference in percentage between the ones that uses paperless billing and the customers that availed of paper billing. He went on to express on a positive note that the company is getting more requests from customers to change into paperless billing.

One of the customers of Suddenlink, Bucklen, said that the cable and Internet company should have give more proper notice to the customers through phone call, whether automated or personal, compared to printing the notice on the side of the statements in very small fonts.

Consumers looking for an environmental packaging option such as gift box and paper bags should visit Paper Mart.


The Gruesome Business Of Debt Collection

The Gruesome Business Of Debt Collection

Many people get into debt because of medical bills arising from illness or an accident. If an individual get sick or becomes a victim of an accident, he has to pay for his medical bills if the healthcare insurance is inadequate for the expenses. The financial institutions that provided a loan try to collect their money but when they fail, the debt is sold to debt collecting companies for few percent of the total amount of loan.

Debt buying and collecting is actually an unregulated business and this is the reason for its dramatic expansion in recent years. In the United States, you can buy debt and start collecting even without a license. Since most of the people who owe money are poor they cannot afford to get legal representation. Hundreds to thousands of lawsuits are filed in court against these poor people who are too overwhelmed to even reply to the court writ. In some instances, information is so inadequate that some people are sued for money they have already paid. If only the debtor has a lawyer, the case would not have gone to court. In some cases, the debtor does not even have to present evidence before the case is thrown out as inadmissible.

Last weekend, host John Oliver bought at least $15 million of medical debt incurred by 9,000 people from hospitals in Texas who were suffering from life-threatening diseases. John Oliver paid $60,050 with the $50 as setup fee for a debt collecting company. Debt buying is simple but it is a gruesome business because they are inclined to earn big profits through deceptive practice that is highly unethical. Victims are intimidated and bullied until their lives are ruined. While there are legitimate debts, there must be regulations and supervision over debt collection.

On a lighter note, Illustrated Maps are something you should look at not only because they are attractive and interesting but how they give you an idea on where you are. Most individuals prefer Illustrated Maps to give them directions because they are easier to understand. It gives the idea of exactly where you are because the maps include famous landmarks and structures.

Here’s How You Can Find A Good & Reliable Printing Company

Here’s How You Can Find A Good & Reliable Printing Company

Every established business would need to find a good printing company to print out materials to be used for marketing. However, finding a good company can be quite a hassle nowadays. What makes it hassling is the fact that when you go for a Google search you would be met by hundreds if not thousands of printing ads all offering pretty much the same thing and these results can get quite confusing and overwhelming. However, if you truly want to find a highly competent printing company that you can trust, here are a few tips that you can use.

  1. As you go through website upon website, make sure that you check them and gather enough information that you can use to compare these companies. It is especially important that you check out their price lists so that you would be able to compare the prices of their products and services. Strange enough, prices could greatly vary in the printing industry.
  2. Free Delivery. You might think that this isn’t important but you should know that a lot of companies charge heavily on delivery. If you don’t want to get taken advantage of, you should go for companies that offer free delivery.
  3. With so many companies out there offering the same services and the same products, you don’t really much option to trust. However, what you can trust though are the people who have recently worked with the companies. Usually, previous clients post reviews on the company’s website and you can base your choice from the reviews. Checking for reviews isn’t just exclusive to printing companies. In fact, reviews are what people turn to in order to determine how competent and reliable a company is, no matter what type of company or service it provides. This is because people have personally experienced working with the company making their input and testimonials highly valuable.
  4. Always check for the quality of the products the company is offering. Make sure to ask for samples or even a portfolio.

You only need to find printing services Perth once because once you’ve found the right one, you don’t need to look no further.

The Secret To Finding A Good Plumber

Your house is one of the few places that you know you are truly safe. It is your sanctuary, a place where you come home to and take a breather from the stressful world. It is where you are nurtured and where the most important people of your life live. For this reason, it is important to keep the house in good shape.

One of the most important parts of the house is definitely the plumbing system. The plumbing system allows you access to the most important resource there is, water. The plumbing system is what gives you water when you need to drink, wash the dishes and the car, bathe and cook. But even with its importance, the plumbing system is also one of the most neglected parts of the house and constant neglect often leads to numerous problems. So if you have neglected your plumbing system for a while and you feel that something isn’t right with it, then it may be time to call a plumber. But not just any plumber, you would need to call a professional one.

If you want to find a good plumber who can give you great professional service, then the secret to doing so is getting references. You can get references from anywhere but it would be best if you get references from people you can trust.

Your family or your relatives would definitely be the first person to come into your mind. Who better to ask for references than your parents? They would probably know the right person to call. You can also ask a sibling or just any relative who personally knows a plumber.

You can also ask your friends and colleagues for references. What’s great about asking family and friends is that you know you can trust their word over anyone else as they have personally experienced the services of the plumber they are referring to.

But if no one of your friends and family knows a good plumber, you may also ask any professional you have worked with such as an electrician or even your family doctor! Professionals work in a network and they are bound to know a good plumber like Richards Plumbing Services when you need one.

Find A Great Gift With These Helpful Tips

Find A Great Gift With These Helpful Tips

Probably one of the most stressful things to do in life is finding the right gift to give for someone you know well. Yes, you may think that since you know the person well, you would be able to find a suitable gift that you know that person will love. However, when you are faced with overwhelming choices, it can be easy for you to get sidetracked. When people give gifts, they would mostly want to give one that they know the recipient would appreciate. Questions such as “would he/she like this?” or “what if he/she doesn’t like this or already has something similar?” would always hound their minds.

And if you are such a person, then here are some helpful tips that you can use to find the great gifts for someone you know very well.

  1. List down the person’s interests. What are activities or things that the person is interested or passionate about? Is the person fond of video games, fashion or activities like cooking? Also, don’t ever forget to consider the age of the person so that you not only find something that he would like but something right for his age too. Monogram gifts are gifts suitable for all interests and ages.
  2. Be practical. Go for something that the person needs. Practical gifts are very convenient so if the person you’re planning to gift to has expressed something he/she wants to buy but is putting it off or if you know things that the person needs everyday for his profession, then might as well go for them.
  3. Check out the person’s wish list. There are many websites out there that allows people to post items on their wish list like eBay or Amazon so if you can get a hold of the person’s account, you can just choose from his wish list.
  4. Personalize your gift. You can never go wrong with personalized gifts. Through personal gifts, you’d be able to add your own personal touch to the gift. Monogram gifts are one of the best personalized gits to give as they are not only cool but thoughtful as well.

Throwing A Party For Your Kid? Here’s How You Can Save On Party Favors


Is your child’s birthday coming up soon? If it is, then you probably plan to throw a party for him. After all, your kid wouldn’t achieve the complete childhood experience if you don’t throw a party for him. However, when you do plan to throw him a little something to show him how much you value this milestone in his life, throwing a kids party can sometimes hurt the budget. Of course you would have to have enough food to satisfy all of the youngsters attending the party as well as their parents. Aside from the food, you also have the decorations to think about along with the various activities that would liven up the party. While kid’s parties can get very costly, there is one part of it that you don’t have to spend so much on: party favors. Party favors are important because they show the guests how much you appreciate their presence in the party but that doesn’t mean you have to spend gold on them.

Here are a few tips that you can use to save on party favors.

  1. Use plenty of stickers. You don’t have to buy heavily decorated party favor bags or customized bags. They cost quite a lot and can be very unnecessary. What you can do is buy simple favor bags or boxes that complement the theme of the party. You can even save more if you buy these bags online from reputable online retailers like Paper Mart. Afterwards, you can decorate them yourself using colorful stickers.
  2. Go for holiday candies. If your child’s birthday comes after Valentine’s Day or Halloween, then you can use that opportunity to buy candies that go on clearance.
  3. Split up the items. You don’t have to give a single kid a whole sticker package. What you can do is to split up the package and divide them into different favor bags. You should do the same with candies and other items.
  4. Go simple. Favor bags are just a way to say thank you to the guests for coming to your child’s party. You don’t have to go big. Just a simple favor bag would suffice.