Shop Online And Save The Environment


According to a recent article in Huffington Post, Canadian online shopping has outpaced traditional retail with Canada’s 2013 Black Friday online sales increasing by over 19.19% over the previous year’s sales. Such trend is expected because online shopping is highly convenient and efficient for shoppers considering that it can virtually occur anywhere at any time through personal mobile gadgets. Compared to traditional shopping at brick and mortar shops, online shopping is friendlier to the environment.
The impact of online shopping to the environment
1.    Online shopping reduces the need for transportation

If the shopper was to buy from traditional brick and mortar shops, he needs to travel to reach the store that requires fuel consumption. Online shopping reduces the impact of consumer travel since online shopping can be performed from the comfort of home or the office. Not only does online shopping optimize fuel efficiency; it reduces carbon footprints.

2.    Packaging can be recycled for another purpose

Online purchases are typically delivered in boxes, and these boxes can be reused for another purpose. Aside from being reused for packaging gifts to family or friends in far off locations, packaging boxes can be used for storage. If you do not have any immediate needs for the boxes, it can be dropped off to recycling centers.

3.    E-commerce sites make use of sustainable packaging

It is very obvious that the demand for renewable packaging is to address the concerns over the longevity of natural resources. Companies that are implementing sustainable packaging are reducing their carbon footprints by using more of recycled boxes and packaging supplies. Instead of paper packaging, virgin fiber is sourced from renewable plantations.

4.    Reduction of overall packaging

Consumers have their opinions about packaging, opinions that are expressed with the hope that major retailers will give the customer the option on how they want their orders to be packed. For example, Amazon is giving its customers the option between Frustration-Free Packaging and consolidation of all items into one shipment to reduce the need for packaging supplies.
While the choice to opt for online shopping is due to convenience, there is a rising awareness among consumers to support more responsible packaging to save the natural resources for the future generation.

The Impact Of The Structure Of The Industry In Marketing Innovation

The methods used by brands in marketing are not the same as before because of technology. In majority of the cases though, change is not fully implemented because of the industry structure which is prevalent in advertising agencies.

Clients have higher expectations than before. Traditionally, brands will be able to hire television ad agencies and see a difference on their traffic by choosing the right TV categories. With this they are able to see the impact of the ad when it comes to revenue but because of the introduction of new technical mediums in terms of sales and marketing, there is a change in expectations when it comes to the clients.

According to AdRoll’s VP and managing director based in Asia Pacific, Ben Sharp, the part of advertising agencies nowadays is quite challenging because they need experts in different fields such as content marketing, technology, and a whole array of different fields. AdRoll is a platform that aims to retarget and prospect businesses through advertisements.

Sharp added that because of the many demand from advertising agencies, they are not able to meet these demands thus platforms such as AdRoll comes in. They are directing clients and they are teaching them, which is considered a better alternative.

This is a new era thus advertising agencies have to adapt by reconstructing their business models. This is the only way for them to keep their clients and encourage more to come to them. Separate teams for mobile, TV and desktop mediums are no longer the trend. Instead, in order for agencies to be successful, they need to create an approach with many layers. This way, the firm has access to different platforms and they have knowledge on how these layers can be used to interact and create better results.

According to TubeMogul’s marketing Manager, Danni Brown, there are a lot of agencies that are now undergoing the necessary restructure in order to adapt with the new demand in the business. Their approach is now leaning towards cross-screening.

Marketing innovation has changed the world of advertising thus it is no longer enough to wine and dine clients in order to get them but they are more specific when it comes to transparency in order to monitor where their advertising funds are going.

HCG Supplement – Healthy Testosterone Levels

Weight reduction is a common thing which is commonly wanted by women. This is probably because they are more health-conscious compared to men of today. However, even men are already becoming conscious of their weight and body. In fact, you could see that more and more men are flocking towards the gyms together with their girlfriends or wives to work out and lose weight. In addition to this, more and more men are becoming conscious of what they eat and drink. Furthermore, men are already into taking various health supplements that can help them maintain a healthy body and keep them in shape. Now, there are many supplements out there in the market which promise many benefits including significant weight loss. When weight loss is being talked about, there is always the mention of using HCG supplement especially to women.

What is HCG and why is it related to weight loss? Let’s make this one simple: HCG or human chronic gonadotropin is a hormone that can only be located inside the placenta of a pregnant woman during the first few stages of her pregnancy. It serves as life-supporting mechanism to aid the fetus while it’s floating inside the womb. Using HCG supplement as a dietary assistance is beneficial both to men and women in terms of lowering calorie intake which results to losing tons of pounds. Most of the time, it’s the women who have commonly used HCG despite the risks but do you know that men can benefit from using HCG too? You see, HCG cannot just make you take in lesser calorie to lose pounds. In fact, it can give men healthy levels of testosterone. Below are some of the healthy benefits men can get from healthy testosterone levels which can be boosted by adding HCG into their diet plan:

  • Increase number of red blood cells
  • Strengthen the cardiovascular system
  • Increase flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body
  • Healthy body hair growth
  • Significant weight loss
  • Increase energy levels which can give you better performance and endurance
  • Leaner muscle mass and stronger muscle performance
  • Lower risks of obesity
  • Lesser risks of erectile and other sexual dysfunctions
  • Improve performance and endurance during sex

Political And Economic Cooperation Between Thailand And Africa

According to Krekpan Roekchamnong, the director general of the Foreign Ministry’s South Asia, Middle East and Africa Affairs Department, the relationship between Thailand and Africa is entering a new phase of concrete development. Mr. Krekpan is optimistic regarding the prospects for cooperation with Africa nations by way of positive developments even if some officials do not see evidence of progress.

The director general will be leading a Thai delegation to Ethiopia and Ghana for the exploration of new ways to enhance economic and political cooperation through the Focus Group Program. The trip will be scheduled between April and June.

After the establishment of a Thai embassy in Maputo in June last year, the first-ever Senior Official Meeting between Thailand and Mozambique will be hosted by Africa in July in order to continue with the momentum of existing cordial relationships. The establishment of a Thai embassy is a sign of commitment to Mozambique.

Russ Jalichandra, the first Thai envoy to Mozambique is confident of Thailand’s growth with Africa through several avenues of expansion and cooperation between the two nations. Because Mozambique is a hub for logistics in Southern Africa, there is a window of opportunity for trade and investment in the region, however, Thailand is not only focused in reaping its own economic benefits. Thailand wants to help the locals in striving for sustainable development. Thailand will teach the locals rice cultivation, aquaculture and beekeeping where they have extensive knowledge and experience.

The late king of Thailand’s sufficiency economic philosophy which is based on prudence and moderation has been shared to communities of Mozambique and other South African countries like Lesotho and Swaziland. The biggest challenges that Thailand experience in Africa include poverty, lack of know-how and lack of basic infrastructures because of the Portuguese colonial era and the civil war that lasted for 16 years.

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Scarborough Beach Revamp – Local Businesses Suffer

The government’s redevelopment project for the sake of future visitors and the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships, shows quite a bit of promise, as expected for an endeavor as large as this. However, it would seem that this move has had unintended consequences. If you’re one of the people looking for tree loppers in Perth, you’re not the only one.

The revamp project, led by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, has unintentionally disrupted several small businesses located throughout the beachfront. The businesses that have been disrupted as a result are asking the government compensation to help them.

Business owners have reported that their customer traffic have dropped by nearly a third since the project’s construction started last April. They complain that the construction has blocked off customers from their businesses, and what access is there is limited. Additionally, there are gripes about the fact that what once were beach-view businesses pierced by the lively sounds of the Scarborough beachfront were now limited to gazing at construction fencing and the soundtrack of construction and road works. One of the businesses, a café by the name of The Wild Fig, has been forced to cut their staff by half as a result of the construction.

According to one of the owners, one Mr. Chris Burke, the construction is costing the business quite a bit. $20,000/week on average, as Mr. Burke states. Additionally, he states that the recent steps made by the government, such as additional parking space, were inadequate; the gesture could not counter the effect of the construction; noisy environs, dusty surroundings, and viewless customers.

Another business owner, Mr. Ben Randell of the Sandbar, has also been forced to make staff cuts. He points out that the government project was something they, the business owners, supported, but that the problem is that it has become detrimental to them. He states that this should not be the case, especially since businesses like his have made prior contributions to the area’s conditions. They state that they have no intention to leave, but things have been hard for everyone, even tree loppers in Perth.

The government has already acknowledged the issue, and are planning to compensate the businesses. There was, in fact, a situation much like this one in Elizabeth Quay. One has to wonder if the small businesses can manage for the time being.

Tourists Continue To Flock To Thailand And More Expected To Arrive


All expectations were exceeded when Thailand recorded 32.59 million tourists in 2016. According to officials revenue grew by 10% and more in excess of all predictions. The Tourism Authority of Thailand also said that the tourism industry earned 2.52 trillion baht ($71.4 billion) in 2016 up by 11% from the previous year.

Thailand remained popular to global tourists in spite of terror scares resulting from a series of bombings in popular resort towns. Tourists continued to visit the Southeast nation that is grieving over the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Hotels and tour guides all over the country were on edge but still tourism fared better than expected.

The tourism industry of Thailand is expected to bring in 733 billion baht ($20.8 billion) for the first quarter of 2017 up by 8% from last year. Officials have estimated that foreign and local tourism combined revenue for whole year of 2017 will likely surpass earlier predictions of 2.77 trillion baht ($78.5 billion).

According to a report from the United Nations, Thailand is the 11th most visited country in the world with the 6th largest revenue in 2015 from tourism. Thailand is very attractive to tourists from China, South Korea and Japan as well as Western countries and neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia because of the warm weather throughout the year. There are lots of things that can be offered to foreign tourists so that they will be able to gain a unique and different experience.

Yuthasak Supasorn, the governor of Thailand’s Tourism Authority says that the boom in the industry is generated from the steady economy and the growing number of visitors from all over the world. If the economy continues to improve and remains stable, there will be more foreign arrivals. Since there is obviously great demand, it is important to be able to accommodate everyone who wishes to visit Thailand.

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How To Purchase Office Furniture Wisely

If you are moving to a new commercial space or putting up a new business, it is important that you purchase a new set of furniture or replace the old ones with new but where do you start? The first step that you should take is shop around for office furniture from online sources. You can also check your local furniture showroom to find high quality furniture for your office. But before you do that, take a look at the following ideas:

List your furniture needs

One of the things that you should do is write down all the office furniture that you would need to replace or purchase brand new. You should also include the quantity of your needed items. If you are putting up a new business, chances are, you would need more office furniture and you can save money by asking for cost estimates from different suppliers. You can also save if you buy in bulk. However, if you are just going to replace a few pieces of office furniture, you can look for a reputable supplier where you can buy the furniture from. If you are working on a budget, prioritize the furniture based on their importance and buy the first few that are considered must-haves for your daily operations. This may include tables, chairs and reception needs.

Determine your budget

To get your needed office furniture, it is vital for you to determine how much you are going to spend it. It is also important for you to follow your budget strictly. If budget is an issue, negotiate with suppliers especially if you are going to purchase in bulk. You can also purchase items that are put on sale to lower the costs.

Choose the right supplier

In order to get high quality office furniture, you need to find a reliable supplier. Choose online sellers who are trusted by more customers and those with positive feedback from old and recent buyers. You can visit the supplier’s website to find out what customers have to say about the service or you can also check from online forums for more information.