Three Popular Areas To Stay In Bangkok

Bangkok is a trending tourist destination for travellers around the world. The throbbing nightlife of the city along with the food and shopping are the three main attractions that draw the visitors to the city. Bangkok is also slowly gaining popularity as the preferred destination for family travellers. There are a number of hotels, resorts, guesthouses and hostels that cater to the requirements of the tourists in Bangkok.

First time visitors to the city are always confused about the area to book their accommodation. Bangkok is a vast city and has several areas popular for tourists. Tourists can choose an area depending upon their budget, their purpose of visiting the city and then type of accommodation they are looking for. Family tourists looking for a luxury hotel can book their stay at the leisure hotel in Sukhumvit, which offers all the modern amenities at the centre of the city. On the other hand, backpackers looking for cheap accommodation can choose to stay at the numerous hostels on the Khao San Road.

Here are some of the popular areas for accommodation in Bangkok


Silom is the central business district of Bangkok. The area is home to many of the offices and commercial buildings. The busy office area by the day transforms into a food and party haven at night. Tourists looking for affordable options can stay at the Silom hotels.Silomis well connected through mass transit system and it is easy to commute to the other parts of the city from here.


It is one of the oldest and upscale areas of the city. The ambience of the riverside is more relaxing and romantic. Tourists can find luxurious resorts and premium hotels in this neighbourhood. Everything here is classy and quieter than other parts of the city. Owing to its upscale image, the price of the hotels in riverside is expensive. Guests looking for luxury experience at attractive prices can opt to stay at the leisure hotel in Sukhumvitand enjoy the amenities of five star hotel.


Sukhumvit is the most popular neighbourhood in the city. The area has all the posh amenities and facilities for travellers. Most of the shopping malls and fancy restaurants are located in Sukhumvit. The area is also well connected to the other parts of the city through mass transit. Sukhumvit has a good collection of luxury and business hotels. Tourists looking for a contemporary hotel near to the sky train, can stay at the leisure hotel in Sukhumvitand enjoy the perks of living at the city centre.

How To Become Home Painters In Sydney

You don’t need to take up a course just to become a professional house painter. To be home painters in Sydney, you learn the skills by doing hands-on processes. If you want to own a licence or certificate for being a house painter, you need to possess many years of work experience. In Sydney, house painters learn about the job by becoming helpers or apprentices to professional painters. They need to satisfy the local, state and federal requirements to become a proficient painter.

Their Job Description

The home painters in Sydney and its contractors can do so many things than just making a home look appealing. The painter removes all outlet covers and other fixtures before paintingis done, puts them back afterwards, and scrapes and sand the surfaces so old paint can be removed. Painters apply cement or plaster to fix cracks, apply primer and other coating materials to cover the ceiling and wall surfaces. A professional home painter will protect the furniture by covering it and utilizing a protective tape to control the drips.

Education and Training

House painters and contractors are required no formal educational trainings. If a person has the passion to paint houses, he will find reading the blueprint and shopping for classes useful to learn how to use the basic tools and the measurement techniques. Many home painters in Sydney start out as helpers. The begin with simple tasks and move to more complicated duties as their skills improve.

To get a licence, one needs to undergo apprenticeship. There are few technical schools that cater to applicants aged 18 and above and provide apprenticeship programs. They must also have good background and the stamina to perform the job. The apprenticeship program may take three to four years. Most apprentices complete a hundred hours of classroom training and work fulltime by assisting experienced painters.

Prospecting a Home Painter Career

The home painters in Sydney are highly in demand nowadays due to the development of many real estate businesses in the city. There is a high demand for painters due to the relatively short span of many paints and the owner wants to shift to a different colour trend. Working as a house painter in Sydney will make you possibly earn around AUS$30 per hour.

Reasons To Stay In Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit is a long road in Bangkok that stretches from one end of the city to another. The road has a number of Soisor streets and is home to a host of entertainment activities and shopping. Sukhumvit has a number of nightlife spots and shopping options. The area is well connected with the other parts of the city through mass transit systems like BRT and MTS.

Sukhumvit is a popular neighbourhood preferred by many of the tourists. The presence of a number of luxury and business hotel in Sukhumvit, is one of the reasons why tourists flock to the area. The hotels in Sukhumvitare modern and provide top class amenities to their guests.

Sukhumvit is also a favoured nightspot for the locals and tourists alike. The area has a number of options, when it comes to classy pubs and happening clubs and bars. Most of the luxury hotels in the area boast of multi cuisine restaurants and rooftop bars that provide breath-taking views of the city skyline. Sukhumvit is the most happening neighbourhood in Bangkok, with a lot of shopping malls and other attractions. The modern Terminal 21, Em Quartier and Emporium malls are located in this area. If you are looking for street shopping, the smaller Soison the Sukhumvitroad transform into bustling street markets selling a variety of products like clothes, electronics and souvenirs.

The popular business hotel in Sukhumvitis located on the Soi20. The area between Soi14 to Soi22 is the most picturesque part of the neighbourhood with leafy avenues and large green spaces. The area is the most preferred residential area for expats as it contains all the western amenities.

Business travellers to Bangkok, prefer to stay at the business hotel in Sukhumvitbecause the area is well connected to the business districts of the city. Sukhumvit is close to the embassies of many countries and the other business areas of the city can be easily reached through the BRT and MTS.

If you are visiting Bangkok for the first time and are not sure about where to stay, book your stay at the popular business hotel in Sukhumvitthat is close to the Asoke BTS station. The hotel is close to the Central Business district of Bangkok and is connected to the other business districts through BTS and MRT.

OYO Rooms Ventured Into Wedding Industry

The competition in the wedding industry has become stiffer with the addition of OYO Rooms, a well-known brand of hotel chain. The company recently ventured into the wedding business with the launch of their SBU or Strategic Business Unit, Auto Party. The goal of this unit is to provide customers with a one-stop shop when it comes to everything they need for the wedding. In Australia, couples would have to find a company for marquee hire in Sydney, hunt down a florist or a baker but with this unit the clients will have access to a network of vendors.

The unit was conceived because of the number of requests OYO Rooms has been receiving since they are already making use of the current services offered by the company. Majority of these requests are made by corporations and companies to help them organize events related to business matters as well as hosting conferences. OYO decided to go all out and grab the opportunity to offer something more than that.

Looking at the wedding industry in India, experts believe that the new segment will help the company earn around $54 billion. Wedding planning is such as a demanding industry that it comes as no surprise that many startups are releasing their own ventures. OYO will have a head start though because it is already in control of a number of hotel properties which is one of the most important elements in a wedding.

According to OYO, there are around 50 venues that can be used by Auto Party which are located in difference cities. The goal is to find more in order to offer at least 100 options to clients before 2018 ends. The business was originally managed offline but it has been included in the main application by OYO. Through the app, the clients will be able to see the venue through a video while food tasting can be arranged on the same app.

This new trend is expected to spread to Australia where marquee hire in Sydney and booking other vendors can be accomplished by clients through a mobile app.

How A Convenient Hotel In Sukhumvit Can Take You Easily To The Red Light Districts?

One of the most popular hotels are in and around Sukhumvit in the city of Bangkok. Why you can always find a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit is for the reason that two of Bangkok’s renowned red light districts – the Soi Cowboy and Nana – are found here.

Soi Cowboy is a neon-light filled street with many go-go bars like Rawhide and Long Gun. Nana is famed for the Nana Entertainment Plaza, which is a four-storey building filled with go-go bars surrounding an open bar. The red light districts are one attraction among male tourists who come to the city for thrills and fun.

So if you’re out to see Soi Cowboy and Nana, you’re also out to stay in a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit for your accommodation. The hotel can be guest friendly which means they don’t charge you for anything when a guest joins you in your hotel room. Some male guests bring a companion like a prostitute back to their room. There are also transsexuals who join their gay male clients to their hotel rooms.

Most of the city’s guest friendly hotels are centred aroundSukhumvit. Each hotel can range from 5-star international hotels to low-priced budget guesthouses. For non-guest friendly hotels, they usually charge a joiner fee of 500 baht to 1500 baht. So be aware if you’re booked in a non-guest friendly hotel as it will badly hurt your pockets.

If you check a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit, here you’ll find male tourists wanting to visit the Nana and Soi Cowboy districts and get some fun and thrills with the girls working at go-go bars. To ensure safety when you bring in your new friend, have them submit a Thai identification card for security reasons. The guards watching the hotel may ask few questions about your companion, so be ready to respond to them. This will also assure you that your companion for the night won’t steal anything while you’re showering or sleeping.

To ensure that you are well accommodated in a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit, you may need to book yourself in advance before you come to Bangkok. This will ensure that you have an appropriate accommodation to suit your budget, preference and needs.

Trending Interior Design Concepts In Bangkok

Homes in Bangkok are moving towards new design trends in this year. Though the main emphasis of interior design is in designing comfortable spaces, the trend is moving towards sustainability. The designs are moving away from plain white walls and simple interiors to more pronounced design that showcases the special qualities of the home along with being earthy and sustainable. The design trend is leaning towards a sustainable living close to nature.

Here are some of the latest trends for interior design in Bangkok, preferred by many of the architects and interior designers.

·         Wood

The latest trend in interior design in Bangkok homes is using wood to show-off. Wooden furniture like dining tables and bookracks are used as focal points in the entire scheme of design. However, the trend is to use wood in its raw and unfinished state for a more close to the nature feel.

·         Using earth colour tones

More and more designers are using earthy tones like reds, oranges and yellows for a warm and cosy feel. The emphasis is to get the right shade or else the home will look too bright.

·         Suede and velvet upholstery

One of the latest trends in interior design in Bangkok is the use of soft and luxurious suede or velvet upholstery. A suede sofa looks classy and enhances the visual aesthetics of the room. Using suede and velvet sofas and cushions makes a room welcoming and exudes a relaxing vibe.

·         Metal furniture

Simple and elegant metal furniture with clean lines and edges is in trend. The simple furniture adds elegance to the space without looking over the top.

·         Simple window dressings

Since the emphasis is on comfortable and sustainable homes, the window dressings should be neat and simple. Use plain curtains or wooden blinds in light shades to complement the earthy design of the interiors. If privacy is not an issue, you can also choose to leave the windows bare.

·         Natural materials in décor

Maintaining the earthy theme of the interior, the interior design in Bangkok leans towards using natural materials in the décor too. Use materials like natural wood, granite, marble and concrete for the décor. This will not only look trendy but is also sustainable. You can use granite platform in your kitchen or create a feature wall using concrete and other materials.