Shop Online And Save The Environment


According to a recent article in Huffington Post, Canadian online shopping has outpaced traditional retail with Canada’s 2013 Black Friday online sales increasing by over 19.19% over the previous year’s sales. Such trend is expected because online shopping is highly convenient and efficient for shoppers considering that it can virtually occur anywhere at any time through personal mobile gadgets. Compared to traditional shopping at brick and mortar shops, online shopping is friendlier to the environment.
The impact of online shopping to the environment
1.    Online shopping reduces the need for transportation

If the shopper was to buy from traditional brick and mortar shops, he needs to travel to reach the store that requires fuel consumption. Online shopping reduces the impact of consumer travel since online shopping can be performed from the comfort of home or the office. Not only does online shopping optimize fuel efficiency; it reduces carbon footprints.

2.    Packaging can be recycled for another purpose

Online purchases are typically delivered in boxes, and these boxes can be reused for another purpose. Aside from being reused for packaging gifts to family or friends in far off locations, packaging boxes can be used for storage. If you do not have any immediate needs for the boxes, it can be dropped off to recycling centers.

3.    E-commerce sites make use of sustainable packaging

It is very obvious that the demand for renewable packaging is to address the concerns over the longevity of natural resources. Companies that are implementing sustainable packaging are reducing their carbon footprints by using more of recycled boxes and packaging supplies. Instead of paper packaging, virgin fiber is sourced from renewable plantations.

4.    Reduction of overall packaging

Consumers have their opinions about packaging, opinions that are expressed with the hope that major retailers will give the customer the option on how they want their orders to be packed. For example, Amazon is giving its customers the option between Frustration-Free Packaging and consolidation of all items into one shipment to reduce the need for packaging supplies.
While the choice to opt for online shopping is due to convenience, there is a rising awareness among consumers to support more responsible packaging to save the natural resources for the future generation.

Weight Loss Program Introduced By University Of Colorado Attracting More Clients

Jennifer Nash has been trying different weight loss programs for several years now including flashy diet plans but she was not satisfied with any of them until she found something that truly worked for her. The new work out plan changed her life within a few months of trying.

Nash shared that she had tried Weight Watchers before and she has bough almost every new book that they published that are included in the best seller list. She admitted that there are various reasons why each of them has been unsuccessful on her part.

It was only last year that Nash, who is a resident of Denver, tried out the new weigh loss program called My New Weigh. This includes a 24 week plan wherein meals are replaced by the program. These meals are developed by a team of researchers and doctors who are headquartered at the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center located in Aurora.

Nash is now 55 years old and she shared how she has been trying to lose some weight for a long time already. She used to be a dancer back in her high school days and she encountered health problems which resulted to her gaining weight and then she was never able to keep it off again. She got scared when her A1C revealed that she is now pre-diabetic. This is when she decided that she needs to do something about her weight.

She is not fully convinced at all that it would work but she enrolled in the program last August with determination. For the first five months, there was a meal replacement, Health One, given to her in order to take with whatever she consumes and everything she cooks. Health One is basically a powder with low calories that can be made into a shake or utilize as a base when making pizza and muffins.

With determination and changes in her lifestyle, she was able to lose the weight she wanted. While some weight loss programs might not have worked for her, there are new developments in HCG drops and its reintroduction into the market is something people who are trying to lose weight should look into. Every weight loss plan does not have the same effect for everyone thus determination and hard work is the key.

Possible Effects Of Trump Policies On Thailand’s Export Sector

In Thailand, business leaders have different views regarding the impact of Trump’s presidency; however, the majority is expecting some effects on international trade. According to the chairman of Thailand’s Chamber of Commerce, Isara Vongkusolkit, the main concern of the private sector is about the possible changes in US international policy but they are still hoping that Trump will understand the proper ways to deal with international trade considering that he is a veteran businessman.

Mr. Isara has predicted that Trump’s triumph will have an insignificant effect on Thai exports because any plans for the US to shut its doors on imports are not feasible. Nonetheless, Thai operators and exporters must have to be prepared for any possible changes including looking for import opportunities in new markets like Africa, Iran and Pakistan.

According to the president of The Thai National Shippers Council, Nopporn Thepsittha, the victory of Trump may create some turbulence in world trade during the first and second quarters of 2017. This may add to the impact of Britain’s departure from the European Union. Should Trump revamp several trade and investment policies to strengthen small and medium-sized businesses, it can boost the US economy rapidly and it will mean increased shipment of Thai exports to the US.

The policy of Trump to protect American interests will give Thailand an opportunity to avoid joining the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership, one of policies that Trump wants to ignore. On the other hand, if relationships with Russia and China will be improved under Trump’s administration, the global trade climate will be relatively better.

Trump’s victory was really surprising for the whole world considering his highly unusual policy positions. Thai exporters have to prepare for any negative impacts and look for new markets as substitute for the United States. In terms of tourism, the Trump win has no impact because American tourists are small in number compared to Asia and Europe.

Investors looking for condo for sale Pattaya have a wide range of choice. There is an array of Thai condominiums for sale and for rent for those who want to take advantage of the economic opportunities available in Pattaya including surrounding areas.


Reasons For Buying Thai Real Estate

Thailand is one of the most breathtaking and mythical countries in Southeast Asia. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations because it is one of the few places on this planet where you can find fusion of modernity and traditional way of living. This is the reason why more and more individuals, local and foreigners alike are investing on Thai real estate.

Growing economy

According to Asian Development Bank, Thailand gained 3.4% economic growth in the first half of 2016. This means that the country’s economy is continuously growing and investing on properties in the area is a bright idea. Real estate properties offered in a country with steady economic growth are proven to be competitive in price and are highly resalable in the market. Thus, buying a Thai real estate right where economic growth is happening would be a good investment. You can easily get into business transactions and economic engagements because commerce is happening right where your property is.

Mesmerizing beaches

Another obvious reason why you should purchase a property in Thailand is the availability of their crystal clear blue waters within your arm’s reach. You can find properties along the coastal town of Pattaya or in the incredible island of Phuket. Buying a property in these areas could never go wrong regardless if you would use the property for business purposes or for personal use. Tourists in these beach areas are bustling all year long so putting up a business establishment would surely give you high return of investments. Whereas, a beach house in the coast of Pattaya would give you that serenity and view that no monetary value is commensurate.

Affordable properties

Thai real estate may not be cheap but with proper research and with the right real estate firm, you can get the right property that is suited to your needs without paying unreasonably. Consult an expert real estate agent in Thailand for more information. Just make sure that you would be dealing with a licensed property agent to ascertain that your transaction is legal and valid in the country.


Choosing The Best Commercial Cleaning Service To Take Care Of Your Business

Businesses in Australia prefer to outsource their office cleaning services for a number of reasons: from taking advantage of more advanced cleaning methods to reducing cost. Maintaining a sanitary working environment is important for the business to make a good impression. Most businesses nowadays opt to hire a professional cleaning service rather than employing a full-time janitor. A cleaning service comes after hours and thoroughly cleans all parts of the office, with complete equipment so business owners do not have to spend money for those. There is a number of credible cleaning services in Sydney, but how do you decide which one to entrust your business to?

Get price quotes

The cheapest in the market does not always mean a good deal. In order to provide a quote, the cleaning company may need to do an ocular visit to make an estimate of the work that needs to be done. A check list of their available services will be provided, and make suggestions as to what your office need, and the business owner will make the final decision. Cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, mopping and restroom sanitation are a few of the basic services available at almost all cleaning companies.


It would be best to make sure that the cleaning company you employ have insured their cleaners. Most Sydney commercial cleaning companies have their employees insured, but it would be best to just ask, to be sure. Cleaning can be hazardous at times, and an insurance ensures that the property owner will not be liable should a cleaner get hurt.

Review contract

Most Sydney commercial cleaning services need a contract signed to make the transaction official. Read through it carefully, and make sure the agreed terms are written. This is also beneficial for the property owner, should they need a recourse for a service or agreement that was not fulfilled.


Consider the company’s experience and expertise. It may be best to read reviews regarding a particular cleaning company to check their track record. The company with more experience and good reviews will most probably perform better. Ask the cleaning company to provide references from its clients.

State Insurance Head Disputing Audit On Back Taxes

A few months after an outside audit was accepted due to his office’s failure in collecting some 190 million US dollars on back taxes from insurers, the state insurance superintendent now rejects the audit as incorrect. He also tried to do negotiations with investigation insurance companies for a much lesser payment in order to settle claims, based from documents acquired by The New Mexican.

John Franchini’s letter disputing the audit report

In his letter addressed to the state Attorney General Hector Balderas, the state insurance superintendent John Franchini requested Balderas to conduct a review on the accounting firm that did the audit on whether they have done all required work under their contract. Clifton, Larson & Allen, the accounting firm, finished their work last August but the findings were released in September.

In Franchini’s hand delivered letter addressed to Balderas, he argued that the accounting firm made use of incorrect data for its analysis.

Clifton, Larson & Allen is a huge accounting and auditing company in New Mexico. They have finished hundreds of state and local government jobs. Raul Anaya from the firm said that they do not comment regarding client matters.

Tim Keller, a State Auditor, mentioned that Franchini misguided the audit’s handling and his actions will likely cost millions of dollars for taxpayers.

A top priority for the Legislature

Governor Susana Martinez as well as the Legislature addressed a letter to Franchini. In the letter, a top deputy of Keller questioned Franchini if he has a conflict in interest about the dispute regarding premium taxes that insurers owe. The key lawmakers raised questions regarding tax collections, and they wondered whether Franchini’s ties to insurance companies create a conflict.

The issue is a top priority for the Legislature and also the topic of monthly updates regarding the progress in the collection of black taxes.

The letter also indicated that even though Franchini claimed it’s a fraud investigation, he has already backed off from it since it was unclear whether anything will stem from the investigations.

Franchini told lawmakers that they are working on resolving the problem after they gained freedom in 2013 from the Public Regulation Commission.

Inbound Marketing Tips From An Expert

If you are wondering how to do inbound marketing, here are some expert tips from the president of the first Diamond Partner of HubSpot in Asia, 24-7. The company is based in Tokyo and specializes in inbound marketing consultation. Kei Tamura is the current president of the firm and he decided to enlighten us about the discipline that is still not fully understood in his country Japan. These tips are directed for companies who are planning to take the inbound marketing route to creating their own brand.

  • First, inbound marketing should never be associated with Chinese tourists. It might be taken as a bad joke but according to Tamura, the term inbound is still being confused by many Japanese brands to mean doing things in order to attract tourists from other countries such as Vietnam and China. He added that it is not all about creating contents in order to achieve increase in leads and it is not a new method of marketing. It is different from the normal method of sales. It is making sure that the brand is helpful so the customers will come naturally.
  • Conversion is just a start. One of the most common misunderstandings of people about inbound marketing is that they have already achieved their goal once they have created leads or accomplished conversion. This is wrong according to Tamura. An advice he specifically gave is to make sure customers are always delighted with continued content. As time passes by, long time customers should have a more personal conversation with the brand. The right approach is that customers should become partners in business in the process.

Push type of marketing should be earned. If you are trying inbound marketing for the first time, a closer understanding of the customers is important in order to determine how you can help provide solutions to their problems. Tamura says that push type of marketing is not a bad method but it should be in a way that people want it. The right content should be pushed on them and this is where most companies go wrong. If you are looking for more expert advice in inbound marketing, contact crewdo.