Shop Online And Save The Environment


According to a recent article in Huffington Post, Canadian online shopping has outpaced traditional retail with Canada’s 2013 Black Friday online sales increasing by over 19.19% over the previous year’s sales. Such trend is expected because online shopping is highly convenient and efficient for shoppers considering that it can virtually occur anywhere at any time through personal mobile gadgets. Compared to traditional shopping at brick and mortar shops, online shopping is friendlier to the environment.
The impact of online shopping to the environment
1.    Online shopping reduces the need for transportation

If the shopper was to buy from traditional brick and mortar shops, he needs to travel to reach the store that requires fuel consumption. Online shopping reduces the impact of consumer travel since online shopping can be performed from the comfort of home or the office. Not only does online shopping optimize fuel efficiency; it reduces carbon footprints.

2.    Packaging can be recycled for another purpose

Online purchases are typically delivered in boxes, and these boxes can be reused for another purpose. Aside from being reused for packaging gifts to family or friends in far off locations, packaging boxes can be used for storage. If you do not have any immediate needs for the boxes, it can be dropped off to recycling centers.

3.    E-commerce sites make use of sustainable packaging

It is very obvious that the demand for renewable packaging is to address the concerns over the longevity of natural resources. Companies that are implementing sustainable packaging are reducing their carbon footprints by using more of recycled boxes and packaging supplies. Instead of paper packaging, virgin fiber is sourced from renewable plantations.

4.    Reduction of overall packaging

Consumers have their opinions about packaging, opinions that are expressed with the hope that major retailers will give the customer the option on how they want their orders to be packed. For example, Amazon is giving its customers the option between Frustration-Free Packaging and consolidation of all items into one shipment to reduce the need for packaging supplies.
While the choice to opt for online shopping is due to convenience, there is a rising awareness among consumers to support more responsible packaging to save the natural resources for the future generation.

How To Purchase Office Furniture Wisely

If you are moving to a new commercial space or putting up a new business, it is important that you purchase a new set of furniture or replace the old ones with new but where do you start? The first step that you should take is shop around for office furniture from online sources. You can also check your local furniture showroom to find high quality furniture for your office. But before you do that, take a look at the following ideas:

List your furniture needs

One of the things that you should do is write down all the office furniture that you would need to replace or purchase brand new. You should also include the quantity of your needed items. If you are putting up a new business, chances are, you would need more office furniture and you can save money by asking for cost estimates from different suppliers. You can also save if you buy in bulk. However, if you are just going to replace a few pieces of office furniture, you can look for a reputable supplier where you can buy the furniture from. If you are working on a budget, prioritize the furniture based on their importance and buy the first few that are considered must-haves for your daily operations. This may include tables, chairs and reception needs.

Determine your budget

To get your needed office furniture, it is vital for you to determine how much you are going to spend it. It is also important for you to follow your budget strictly. If budget is an issue, negotiate with suppliers especially if you are going to purchase in bulk. You can also purchase items that are put on sale to lower the costs.

Choose the right supplier

In order to get high quality office furniture, you need to find a reliable supplier. Choose online sellers who are trusted by more customers and those with positive feedback from old and recent buyers. You can visit the supplier’s website to find out what customers have to say about the service or you can also check from online forums for more information.

Knoll Sales Decreased Due To Soft Demand

Knoll Inc., an office furniture maker and textile manufacturer, had an exemplary sales record for last year but the company also witnessed a decrease in its revenue during the fourth quarter because of the decline in demand in the office sector. The company is based in Montgomery County and for over 50 years it has been operating a plant located in Upper Hanover Township.

For 2016, Knoll was able to earn net sales of $1.16 billion which is 5.4 per cent higher to their recorded figure in 2015. It was only in the fourth quarter of last year that the reported net sales by Knoll declined to $292.9 million. This figure is 4.2 per cent lower than the sales reported of the same period for 2015. It did not meet the expectations of the analysts for net sales of $313.5 million.

Despite of this, a report from Knoll showed that their fourth quarter earnings was at $21.4 million which is higher than what they earned for the same period last year which is only $13.4 million. Looking at the per-share basis, the company published that their net income is at 44 cents which is on the same level as the expectations of the analysts.

According to a news release from the president and CEO of Knoll, Andrew Cogan, they received quite a blow in the last quarter of 2016 due to the softening of the demand for office industry which is evident all over the market. He added that they are hopeful because the uncertainty that was brought about by the presidential election is finally over and they are expecting the demand to spike back up before the year ends.

A conference call was recently held between Cogan and a number of analysts and there he discussed about the office sector of the company where the slowdown happened. The office furniture is leading in the business area of the company and the softening demand was only limited in industries covered by energy and financial services all over the Northeast and Southeast.

The fourth quarter recorded net sales of $180.9 million for office furniture online, seating, desks, tables, storage and accessories. This number is lower compared to the same period last year which earned net sales of $197.6 million.

No More Gold Travel Pass For MPs According To Turnbull

Federal MP’s with the life gold travel pass are entitled to domestic return trips wholly within Australia and not for a commercial purpose. The life gold travel pass is one of the retirement perks for members of parliament but Prime Minister Turnbull has announced that the perk will be axed instead of phased out.

PM Turnbull’s move was opposed by Queenslanders Ian Macdonald and Warren Entsch because it put other politicians at a disadvantage because they have not been paid as much those that are now in parliament. However, the two MP’s were alone in their sentiments because the overwhelming feeling was the extravagance of the life gold travel pass. Such was its extravagance that it was hard to believe it ever existed.

The gold pass was actually due for phase out in the next 6 years but the government decided to act swiftly to save at least $5 million over the next 5 years. According to Scott Ryan, Special Minister of State, there will be legislation to oversee stricter travel expenses to be introduced to parliament. This will be the most extensive reform to parliament work expenses in the last 20 years.

The current generation of politicians is determined to subject themselves to higher standards. They have the opportunity right now and they seized it to show Australians that they are different. In respect for the office, former prime ministers will still enjoy free travel under gold pass arrangements.

A lot of Australians are experiencing tough times and Turnbull told coalition MPs that they have to live by example and spend the taxpayer’s money frugally as if it were their own. The government plans to take police advice on how much information can be disclosed regarding the MPs travel arrangements so as not to compromise their safety. It is also important to make clear what expenses are controlled by politicians like cost of fitouts as dictated by the finance department.

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Why Enrol To ITIL Training Courses

ITIL means Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is a widely accepted set of practices and foundation network and is used by successful companies all over the world. ITIL is utilized to manage IT related services. ITIL aims to provide companies a way to deliver better quality service to its customers and to resolve issues that may break into IT systems. With an IT system and framework that works in higher standards, a company can easily provide better service handling experience to its customers. As a result, this will increase their business performance with better profitability. Because of the course’s benefits, companies encourage their employees to enrol to ITIL training courses. Sometimes companies even provide scholarships or host onsite training for ITIL framework.

To simplify the concept, ITIL framework is a set of techniques and procedures that are tested for its effectiveness. Given the right training, an employee can be more efficient and effective with higher productivity. Some of the benefits of enrolling to ITIL courses are the following:

Salary increase potentials

When an employee performs better, the management is bound to offer better salaries. Apart from higher pay, the management will have no reason not to promote you to a higher position because of your productivity and exemplary work performance. Employees with ITIL certification are among the highest paid professionals in the Unites States particularly in the IT industry.

Additional IT Skills

One of the advantages of enrolling to ITIL training courses is that you get to be certified that you  gained skills in addition to what you already have in relation to IT. The more IT skills you have, the more marketable you are to employers and companies.

More career opportunities

As mentioned in the previous point, finishing an ITIL course gets you a certificate which can pave the way to better career opportunities. Employers always look at the trainings and supplementary courses such as ITIL training courses that potential employees had to assess their capability to handle certain tasks.   Get yourself ahead from other applicants and enrol to courses that you would eventually need for your career and development.

Weight Loss Program Introduced By University Of Colorado Attracting More Clients

Jennifer Nash has been trying different weight loss programs for several years now including flashy diet plans but she was not satisfied with any of them until she found something that truly worked for her. The new work out plan changed her life within a few months of trying.

Nash shared that she had tried Weight Watchers before and she has bough almost every new book that they published that are included in the best seller list. She admitted that there are various reasons why each of them has been unsuccessful on her part.

It was only last year that Nash, who is a resident of Denver, tried out the new weigh loss program called My New Weigh. This includes a 24 week plan wherein meals are replaced by the program. These meals are developed by a team of researchers and doctors who are headquartered at the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center located in Aurora.

Nash is now 55 years old and she shared how she has been trying to lose some weight for a long time already. She used to be a dancer back in her high school days and she encountered health problems which resulted to her gaining weight and then she was never able to keep it off again. She got scared when her A1C revealed that she is now pre-diabetic. This is when she decided that she needs to do something about her weight.

She is not fully convinced at all that it would work but she enrolled in the program last August with determination. For the first five months, there was a meal replacement, Health One, given to her in order to take with whatever she consumes and everything she cooks. Health One is basically a powder with low calories that can be made into a shake or utilize as a base when making pizza and muffins.

With determination and changes in her lifestyle, she was able to lose the weight she wanted. While some weight loss programs might not have worked for her, there are new developments in HCG drops and its reintroduction into the market is something people who are trying to lose weight should look into. Every weight loss plan does not have the same effect for everyone thus determination and hard work is the key.

Possible Effects Of Trump Policies On Thailand’s Export Sector

In Thailand, business leaders have different views regarding the impact of Trump’s presidency; however, the majority is expecting some effects on international trade. According to the chairman of Thailand’s Chamber of Commerce, Isara Vongkusolkit, the main concern of the private sector is about the possible changes in US international policy but they are still hoping that Trump will understand the proper ways to deal with international trade considering that he is a veteran businessman.

Mr. Isara has predicted that Trump’s triumph will have an insignificant effect on Thai exports because any plans for the US to shut its doors on imports are not feasible. Nonetheless, Thai operators and exporters must have to be prepared for any possible changes including looking for import opportunities in new markets like Africa, Iran and Pakistan.

According to the president of The Thai National Shippers Council, Nopporn Thepsittha, the victory of Trump may create some turbulence in world trade during the first and second quarters of 2017. This may add to the impact of Britain’s departure from the European Union. Should Trump revamp several trade and investment policies to strengthen small and medium-sized businesses, it can boost the US economy rapidly and it will mean increased shipment of Thai exports to the US.

The policy of Trump to protect American interests will give Thailand an opportunity to avoid joining the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership, one of policies that Trump wants to ignore. On the other hand, if relationships with Russia and China will be improved under Trump’s administration, the global trade climate will be relatively better.

Trump’s victory was really surprising for the whole world considering his highly unusual policy positions. Thai exporters have to prepare for any negative impacts and look for new markets as substitute for the United States. In terms of tourism, the Trump win has no impact because American tourists are small in number compared to Asia and Europe.

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