IWC Launches New Da Vinci Watches For Women

IWC Schaffhausen in an international watch making brand more commonly known and famous for its more “engineered-for-men” style isn’t the company that one might approach looking for a rose gold watch for ladies, but it seems like that might change.

In the 2017 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, the IWC recently launched models for their female customers, as part of the Da Vinci collection; the Da Vinci Automatic 36, and the Da Vinci Automatic Moon Phase 36, both of which are available with a variety of options to choose from.

Chris Grainger-Herr, incoming CEO for IWC, stated that this was the company expanding its horizons and testing out the waters. He states, that while the IWC’s ‘engineered-for-men’ approach is still a key part of the business, appealing to their female customers is something they must do as a growing brand. This release, IWC says, will be followed with more watch designs for women, which is good news for the brand’s female customers.

Grainger-Herr elaborates, saying that engineering isn’t just a science, but also artistic in that it’s a design statement. IWC’s statement doesn’t involve overly decorated pieces, which the company has found to be appealing to a considerable amount of women, who go for the more elegantly simple designs rather than the overly effeminate and dainty pieces.

Both the Automatic 36 and Automatic Moon Phase 36 retain the classic IWC aesthetic, modified with feminine touches such as more rounded designs on the components and the occasional touch of encrusting. The watch straps are available in a number of varying colors, like raspberry or dark blue. Both are available in either stainless steel, or 18ct red gold, with the additional option of choosing whether or not the bezel will be diamond encrusted. The watches run on self-winding movement with a reserve of 42 hours.

IWC’s current CEO, Georges Kern, who will step down to become Head of Watchmaking for the Richemont Group, state that the company will, indeed, remain a men’s brand, but that they explore the women’s market for watches. In addition to additional Da Vinci watches for women, the Pilot and Portofino will also include designs for women in the future, which might mean that the company might offer a rose gold watch for ladies.

3 Reasons To Hire A Process Server

There are certain documents that need to be delivered and received by the person concerned. This is a requirement when the document is legal in nature such as demand or litigation notices. In such cases, the services would require a Process Server to deliver the notices especially since petitioners would choose not to deliver these notifications themselves.

Before litigation would commence, the law requires for the respondent to be notified of the issues filed against him. In order for the legal proceedings to take place, the respondent or respondents need to be notified the soonest time possible. One advantage of having a Process Server is that you can be sure that the person concerned gets the notification within 24 hours after the petition is released. Although the delivery of notice will have something to do with the efficiency of the process server, you increase the chance of having the notice delivered if you hire a service provider. A process server provides up to date feedback on the delivery status so you would know right away if the notice was successfully or if there is a need for the server to make a follow through.

Another reason why you should hire a reliable process server is for you to get a timely response from the respondent through the proper forum. A response may end up in settlement or in full blown litigation or resolutions, depending on the issue.

If you need a process server, hire one within your area so you can easily correspond with the agency. Having a process server who is just within your area will also reduce the service cost. A process service is ideal for certain industries such as in law, corporate, businesses establishments and even individuals who need to deliver legal notices such as divorce papers to their spouse. With a Process Server, you get that peace of mind that the respondent was made known of the issue before him and you can expect a response from the other party within the expected time provided by law. Legal matters need to be given immediate attention and you do not have to do it on your own when you can hire experts to do the job for you.

When Does A Self Employed Plumber Become An Entrepreneur?

There is a big difference between a self-employed plumber and a plumber that has his own business because there is value apart from being directly involved. Both of them are plumbers but the later is superior to the former in terms of business.

For example, if the self-employed plumber decides to retire, he can sell all his tools and equipment; however, it is very doubtful if anyone will be willing to buy the “business.” On the other hand, if he has hired one or two plumbers and spend some time developing best practices that the other plumbers must follow, the plumbing customers gain better experience from the service provided.

In order to differentiate the business from the competitors, the plumbers are asked to wear smart-looking uniforms and made sure they are prompt with appointments. Thank you calls are made after the service has been provided and maintenance contacts are offered to loyal consumers. After years of refining the business, the plumber/owner spends zero time at the field. He stays in the office making sure that the best services are delivered to customers. When the plumber/owner decides to retire, his company has gained a good reputation for excellence in the community. He is selling something of value and the market will be too happy to buy it.

Whether the business is a restaurant or a plumbing company, it is important to delegate some of the responsibilities to others for the business to grow.  A business has different aspects; do what you do best but delegate the rest so that you can spend more time to growing the business.

When the plumber/owner hires another plumber, he multiplies his market. The capacity of the business is increased to service more households. At first, hiring other plumbers will be for assistance but eventually, they will be doing all the plumbing while the plumber/owner joins the entrepreneurial journey.

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Health Benefits Of Visiting Active Life Madarao

Wherever there’s a winter season, there’s always a skiing resort nearby. You see, some people actually see skiing as a sports, some as a hobby to say the least. In fact, even those who don’t have winter in their country, would pay thousands of Dollars to travel to countries like Japan or Korea, which have snowy winter season, just to go skiing. Now, let’s say that you are a certified skiing enthusiast who is planning a winter vacation in the Land of the Rising Sun. You don’t have to worry about where you are going to do your skiing activities. You see, Japan is home to several ski resorts especially in the upper most parts of the country.  One of the ski resorts in Japan which can serve you well in terms of tending to your skiing needs is Active Life Madarao. Now, Active Life Madarao offers more than the awesome view clients can enjoy while doing their skiing activities. Visiting such resort can also provide health benefits to the clients because whether you admit it or not, skiing is considered as one of the healthiest outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by almost everybody as long as they are properly trained to ski during winter.

If you are wondering what health benefits you will enjoy while staying at Active Life Madarao and doing various skiing activities, below are some of them so that the next time there’s a winter vacation, you will include a visit to such resort in your itinerary:

  • Even though it’s winter, skiing can give you enough exposure to the sun while you are enjoying the beautiful view of the mountain covered in snow. According to health experts, this alone can lift even the loneliest person in the world. It’s a good place for soothing souls.
  • Whenever you are skiing downhill, you use every bone and muscle you have in your system. Skiing makes your entire body function together and eventually, makes the body stronger.
  • Winter is the perfect season for sleeping especially if you’re at a ski resort. Skiing activities can be definitely tiring but, it does one good thing: it helps you have a good night sleep. You see, having a relaxing sleep at night allows the body to regenerate cells and repair torn muscles.

Advantages Of Booking In New Luxury Resort In Karon, Phuket

While there might cons in booking at a new luxury resort in Karon, Phuket, the pros or the advantages can better surpass the downsides. If you come across with a brand new luxury hotel while searching for a place to stay in Phuket, consider booking at the resort to get more value for your money. Here’s why:

Modern amenities

When you book in a brand new luxury resort, you can be sure that its amenities are modern. You can expect to get fast Wi-Fi internet access as oppose to LAN connection in older hotels and HD TV with satellite channels. You can expect to have IPod ports and contemporary design while the rooms are all automated and can only be accessed with sensors. The bathrooms are also another story where you can experience world-class bathroom designs that utilize body-heat sensors for activation. Bran new hotels are generally designed according to the latest architectural and building trends to attract more customers. This way, you can be sure that booking in a brand new luxury hotel will give you a new experience and a sneak peak of what the future in hotels look like.

Better services

The good thing about a new luxury resort in Karon, Phuket is that they are in a period where they are still trying to enhance their services and checking how customers want to have their services delivered. This way, the hotel and its staff are more conscious of the way they deliver their services and their main goal is always to please their customers. Since the hotel is new, they want positive feedback from their customers. Thus, they would provide service as best as they can and may even upgrade rooms and provide deals just to gain better testimonials from customers.

Brand new facilities

Another advantage of booking in a new luxury resort in Karon, Phuket are the brand new sheets, pillows, towels, new swimming pools, furniture and other facilities. Aside from its extra comfort, you can be sure that fewer customers have used the facilities that you are currently enjoying.

Stronger Economy For Australia Due To Job Market Recovery

Last month, employment in Australia surged, supporting the biggest gains in fulltime jobs for the last 30 years. A stronger economy is suggested because of the recovery in the jobs market and improvements in business conditions. Economists predicted 20,000 gain but employment increased by 60,900 from February. Fulltime jobs increased by 74,500 considered as the biggest increase since December 1987; however part-time jobs fell by 13,600.

Reserve Bank of Australia predicts that accelerating growth in on track with signs of recovery in the labour market and best business conditions since 2008. The central bank’s record-low cash rate of 1.5% since August is encouraging investment and businesses are hiring outside the resources industry.

However, Australia’s economy is split because Sydney and Melbourne’s investments are on infrastructure to boost jobs. This allowed them to experience population gains to help send home prices soaring. On the other hand, in the west and north where mining investment has eased up, people are leaving because there are no employment opportunities. As a result, property prices have gone down.

Main job gains are evident in Queensland that added 28,800 workers, NSW gained 23,300, Victoria, 9,800 and Western Australia, 1,700.

According to Paul Dales, chief economist for Australia at Capital Economics, Ltd., the surge in employment must not be taken seriously. The fact the surge was accompanied by a 64,900 rise in the size of labour force suggests that rising employment has more to do with survey sampling.

On the other hand, Craig James, senior economist at the securities unit of Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the trend data smoothens out the bumps and shows that employment is indeed rising by 16,500 in March with unemployment rates at 5.8%. This is more in line with economic indicators and surveys. If full employment trends continue to improve, it will support the November RBA rate hike call.

In Australia, Ecotech Glass is used for contemporary designs in the home, office and other structures to provide the important element of natural light. Glass has visual lightness and transparency that provides structures with an ambiguous floating quality at the same time that it saturates the interiors with bold natural light.