Adding Value To A Property By Overcoming The Limitations Of Space

There is certainly no shortage of experts who share their views on TV shows on how to enhance the beauty of a home so that its value will be maximized. Some experts will say that luxury art is the solution while others advise that the more affordable canvas art can improve the mood without spending a fortune.

People have become rather obsessed with home improvement that is why they cannot resist watching TV shows wherein walls are ripped to create elegant and sophisticated living spaces that can add value to the property. Buyer demand is still rosy for UK homeowners. In England and Wales, asking prices for properties have hit a record high with some homes selling for an average £313,000.

According to property listing portal Rightmove, more sales have been achieved this year than at any time since 2007. The property market has remained buoyant because buyer demand is high; however, sale prices that have been achieved are beginning to cool down with the average selling price for a home falling by 0.3% last month.

Meanwhile, the average home in the UK has definitely shrunk in size over the last few years. According to National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA), in the 1920’s an average home measured 153sqm but 100 years later, the average dwelling is half the size at 83sqm. This means that homes have shrunk by at least 46% over the last century.

Homebuyers now face the limitation of space when they design their homes. There is very little chance for a homeowner to knock down a wall to increase living space or add an extension to improve the resale value of the property. However, experts insist that big ideas can still be used in a little space. It is just a simple matter of using the right décor to show the home at its best.

The aesthetic value of a property can be enhanced even if it is dressed simply. There are cost effective ways like new paint, new floors and canvas art on the walls or new lighting fixtures. Simply choose a photograph that appeal to your emotions to be transformed into canvas art that will grace your wall.