An Analysis Of The Website Design Industry


If you are looking for someone to design your company’s website, you can visit perthwebdesign and avail of their services. Engaging in a business that designs websites is one of the myriad of businesses that one can take advantage of the ever evolving technological advancements.

From time to time, there are companies launched at the public market engaged purely in web designing and web related services. About a year ago, a do-it-yourself website creator went for an IPO. The company was valued at about $700M. As more websites that specialize in do-it-yourself creation are launched in the market, a lot of people are questioning what the future of website industry would be. Would the world of website creation be led by amateurs and hobbyists who are using DIY solutions? What would the role of professional designers be in this volatile market?

Amateurs and web design

Lately, there have been different tools in the market that offer very low cost solutions in creating websites. There are B2C platforms which can benefit small business owners. The do-it-yourself websites will allow the amateurs to choose from various selections of templates when creating their own basic websites. The process is described as fun, fast and easy. However, though there are plenty of platforms in the internet where you can create your own website, according to survey, only 3 percent of websites are crating with the use of do-it-yourself platforms. Amateur usually find it very difficult in finishing a process which they started on their own. Only a very small percentage of users end up with a published domain.

The web design industry

The web design service industry in the United States is worth a staggering $20.1B. There are about 16 million new websites that are published every month. The question now is who are creating these millions of websites?

More than 70 percent of the websites are created by professionals who use pro-developers platforms. The solution used is the B2B. This kind of solution offer tools used in building very advanced websites which include CMS or content management systems and custom design like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. However, when you create functioning websites, you have to manually convert the static graphic designs into computer codes.