An Aussie Bank Lends Billion To“Children” – Consult Your Financial Advisor In Australia

Whenever we are talking about any given matter that is related to money, whether it’s debt, savings, among other things, we all have to agree to the fact that anything that is relevant to the word  “money” can be an instant headache to anyone even though money is just about numbers. You see, money is everything in human life especially to those who are struggling to earn enough money just to be able to meet their needs on a daily basis. Without money, the whole world would not function as how we used to know it right now. Without money, human beings won’t survive. Or, we’ll probably survive but we would be probably living in the Stone Age. Now, if you’re probably struggling to even manage your finances especially if you are someone who is managing a big business venture, then you are in need of services of a financial advisor in Australia or in other countries around the wold. In simple terms, a financial advisor is someone who can provide a wide variety of services which include investment management, income tax preparation and more importantly, estate planning. To be able to do business with the general public a financial advisor must have the Series 65 license.

In a report that was published earlier this month, the Australian banking and lending institution, Bank of Mum and Dad, has landed in 11th place in the list of the largest lenders in Australia and yes, they are ahead of two money majors in the industry namely, AMP Bank and HSBC. According to the data collected by the Digital Finance analytics which conducted the said survey, many banks and other related institutions throughout Australia are lending a total amount of 65 billion Australian Dollars every year with big percentage of the said amount, roughly 16 billion Dollars, are owed by Australian parents who have to take care of their reckless children who cannot afford to pay for a deposit on a purchase of a house or, the mere stamp duty. In fact, Bank of Mum and Dad are handing over 88,000 Dollars to kids to be able to purchase home with the assistance of a finance advisor in Australia.

Car Wrapping Scam In East Texas

A lot of scams are circulating the internet every day. Craigslist is currently the venue for a car wrapping scam which is looking for victims in Texas. Car wrapping is when your vehicle is covered with advertisements for a certain business.

The scam initially reeled Lyman Bassett in because of the prospect of earning some cash. He found out later on that the deal is a fraud and he was being scammed in the process.

Bassett shared that he does gardening and home improvements for a living. He is also on the hunt for an extra hob thus he posted about his services on the popular site Craigslist. He does not have to wait long before a message got to him.

He shared that all his transactions and conversations from Craigslist is done through text messaging. There was a business who contacted him about subjecting his vehicle for car wrapping service in order to advertise something.

He was expecting a message from someone who requires his services but instead he got an offer to cover his truck with advertisements. Bassett shared that the solicitor did not say anything about the wrap or the advertisement that will be placed but he was already interested at that point. If he agreed to car wrapping then he will be able to get a paycheck every week.

He recounted that the solicitor asked him about the vehicle type that he is driving and after that, a check was already sent to his mail.

He continued that once he received the check, he was instructed to deposit the amount to his personal account. A percentage will then be sent to the person who did the car wrapping service and the rest will be the payment for his first week upon agreeing.

The instruction made Bassett suspicious that he presented it to his local bank and they told him that the whole process presents a red flag.

He discovered that if he followed through with the instruction, $1700 would have been deducted from his own bank account while the check will bounce and no money will be credited to his personal account.

This is why it is important to only deal with authorize car signage in Sydney for any car wrapping services to avoid being scammed.

3 Things To Look For In Courier Companies

Not all things are done electronically. Some services still require manual labour such as those done by courier companies. If you frequently send packages or documents across states or all over the county, it is essential that you choose a courier that will do the service for you regularly. Having reliable courier company eliminates the need for you to go to travel just to deliver the package or gift to your recipient. Doing the delivery by yourself can be time-consuming and expensive. To hire a reliable company, here are some of the things that you should check.

Electronic services and deals

Choose a courier companythat makes serving its customers easier and for the customers to have an easier time while doing business with the company. One of which is to provide online quote tool that will make it easier for the customers to estimate how much they are going to spend for the courier services. Aside from convenient services, look for courier companies that offer discounts and promo deals to allow their customers to save money.

Offers local and international services

If you would second packages and documents across the globe, it is only right to look for a courier company that has wide service coverage or at least, has affiliates in other countries in order to serve you. Before coordinating with the company to do service with them, visit their website to determine the areas or country that they cover. Find out if the courier company offers low cost international services and if it is competitive in comparison to the rates collected by other companies.

Guaranteed fast and secure transactions

Choose one of those courier companies that is trusted in the industry. Read reviews and testimonials to find out if there are complaints against the company such as missing or damage parcels or reports on delayed deliveries. A courier company should be true to their guaranteed time of delivery which is 24 hours or next-day delivery for local parcels while the estimated time of delivery for international shipping is 1-5 days.

How Can A Small Pest Control Firm Negotiate With Retail Giants?

Kari Walberg Block is the founder of a pest control firm EarthKind that makes use of an all-natural pest repellent product. Block talks about the ways of negotiating with big chain stores and how it feels to be a small business owner who wants to do business with retail giants.

Block is a female farmer who turned entrepreneur after discovering at her kitchen in New Town, North Dakota that balsam fir essential oil and ground-up corn cob are effective at repelling mice. Block managed to build EarthKind into a profitable $8.5 million, 30-employee company.

There is a sliding price for which Block is willing to sell her products for. There must be a 5% window from the starting price to the rock-bottom discounted price. This is the same calculation that every retailer in the world is using.

Block has also managed to figure out the value that a retailer could offer that may be important when providing a discount. The product must be prominently placed on the shelf or placed near the store’s entrance. The product must be included in free catalogue advertising with longer deal terms and special in-store online advertising.

Block has always made use of margin requirements but she is willing to take less margin for a strategic win so that they meet company goals or improve efficiencies like minimizing marketing expenses. EarthKind’s products include Fresh Cab (commercial) and Stay Away (mass brand) which offers a safer, more humane and more sustainable method to get rid of mice and bugs in homes and commercial spaces.

For over 15 years, Block has honed her negotiation skills and it has helped her win business with national stores like Lowe’s, Ace Hardware and Target (online). However, if there is one retail giant that Block refuses to negotiate with, it is Wal-Mart because of a frustrating experience.

If you have problems about common pests in the home or commercial property, give pest control in Brisbane a call so that an effective and safe solution can be provided. The latest and most effective pest control products in the market are used to ensure that there will be negative effects to the family, to the pets and to the environment.

Scarborough Beach Revamp – Local Businesses Suffer

The government’s redevelopment project for the sake of future visitors and the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships, shows quite a bit of promise, as expected for an endeavor as large as this. However, it would seem that this move has had unintended consequences. If you’re one of the people looking for tree loppers in Perth, you’re not the only one.

The revamp project, led by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, has unintentionally disrupted several small businesses located throughout the beachfront. The businesses that have been disrupted as a result are asking the government compensation to help them.

Business owners have reported that their customer traffic have dropped by nearly a third since the project’s construction started last April. They complain that the construction has blocked off customers from their businesses, and what access is there is limited. Additionally, there are gripes about the fact that what once were beach-view businesses pierced by the lively sounds of the Scarborough beachfront were now limited to gazing at construction fencing and the soundtrack of construction and road works. One of the businesses, a café by the name of The Wild Fig, has been forced to cut their staff by half as a result of the construction.

According to one of the owners, one Mr. Chris Burke, the construction is costing the business quite a bit. $20,000/week on average, as Mr. Burke states. Additionally, he states that the recent steps made by the government, such as additional parking space, were inadequate; the gesture could not counter the effect of the construction; noisy environs, dusty surroundings, and viewless customers.

Another business owner, Mr. Ben Randell of the Sandbar, has also been forced to make staff cuts. He points out that the government project was something they, the business owners, supported, but that the problem is that it has become detrimental to them. He states that this should not be the case, especially since businesses like his have made prior contributions to the area’s conditions. They state that they have no intention to leave, but things have been hard for everyone, even tree loppers in Perth.

The government has already acknowledged the issue, and are planning to compensate the businesses. There was, in fact, a situation much like this one in Elizabeth Quay. One has to wonder if the small businesses can manage for the time being.

Knoll Sales Decreased Due To Soft Demand

Knoll Inc., an office furniture maker and textile manufacturer, had an exemplary sales record for last year but the company also witnessed a decrease in its revenue during the fourth quarter because of the decline in demand in the office sector. The company is based in Montgomery County and for over 50 years it has been operating a plant located in Upper Hanover Township.

For 2016, Knoll was able to earn net sales of $1.16 billion which is 5.4 per cent higher to their recorded figure in 2015. It was only in the fourth quarter of last year that the reported net sales by Knoll declined to $292.9 million. This figure is 4.2 per cent lower than the sales reported of the same period for 2015. It did not meet the expectations of the analysts for net sales of $313.5 million.

Despite of this, a report from Knoll showed that their fourth quarter earnings was at $21.4 million which is higher than what they earned for the same period last year which is only $13.4 million. Looking at the per-share basis, the company published that their net income is at 44 cents which is on the same level as the expectations of the analysts.

According to a news release from the president and CEO of Knoll, Andrew Cogan, they received quite a blow in the last quarter of 2016 due to the softening of the demand for office industry which is evident all over the market. He added that they are hopeful because the uncertainty that was brought about by the presidential election is finally over and they are expecting the demand to spike back up before the year ends.

A conference call was recently held between Cogan and a number of analysts and there he discussed about the office sector of the company where the slowdown happened. The office furniture is leading in the business area of the company and the softening demand was only limited in industries covered by energy and financial services all over the Northeast and Southeast.

The fourth quarter recorded net sales of $180.9 million for office furniture online, seating, desks, tables, storage and accessories. This number is lower compared to the same period last year which earned net sales of $197.6 million.