OYO Rooms Ventured Into Wedding Industry

The competition in the wedding industry has become stiffer with the addition of OYO Rooms, a well-known brand of hotel chain. The company recently ventured into the wedding business with the launch of their SBU or Strategic Business Unit, Auto Party. The goal of this unit is to provide customers with a one-stop shop when it comes to everything they need for the wedding. In Australia, couples would have to find a company for marquee hire in Sydney, hunt down a florist or a baker but with this unit the clients will have access to a network of vendors.

The unit was conceived because of the number of requests OYO Rooms has been receiving since they are already making use of the current services offered by the company. Majority of these requests are made by corporations and companies to help them organize events related to business matters as well as hosting conferences. OYO decided to go all out and grab the opportunity to offer something more than that.

Looking at the wedding industry in India, experts believe that the new segment will help the company earn around $54 billion. Wedding planning is such as a demanding industry that it comes as no surprise that many startups are releasing their own ventures. OYO will have a head start though because it is already in control of a number of hotel properties which is one of the most important elements in a wedding.

According to OYO, there are around 50 venues that can be used by Auto Party which are located in difference cities. The goal is to find more in order to offer at least 100 options to clients before 2018 ends. The business was originally managed offline but it has been included in the main application by OYO. Through the app, the clients will be able to see the venue through a video while food tasting can be arranged on the same app.

This new trend is expected to spread to Australia where marquee hire in Sydney and booking other vendors can be accomplished by clients through a mobile app.

How A Convenient Hotel In Sukhumvit Can Take You Easily To The Red Light Districts?

One of the most popular hotels are in and around Sukhumvit in the city of Bangkok. Why you can always find a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit is for the reason that two of Bangkok’s renowned red light districts – the Soi Cowboy and Nana – are found here.

Soi Cowboy is a neon-light filled street with many go-go bars like Rawhide and Long Gun. Nana is famed for the Nana Entertainment Plaza, which is a four-storey building filled with go-go bars surrounding an open bar. The red light districts are one attraction among male tourists who come to the city for thrills and fun.

So if you’re out to see Soi Cowboy and Nana, you’re also out to stay in a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit for your accommodation. The hotel can be guest friendly which means they don’t charge you for anything when a guest joins you in your hotel room. Some male guests bring a companion like a prostitute back to their room. There are also transsexuals who join their gay male clients to their hotel rooms.

Most of the city’s guest friendly hotels are centred aroundSukhumvit. Each hotel can range from 5-star international hotels to low-priced budget guesthouses. For non-guest friendly hotels, they usually charge a joiner fee of 500 baht to 1500 baht. So be aware if you’re booked in a non-guest friendly hotel as it will badly hurt your pockets.

If you check a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit, here you’ll find male tourists wanting to visit the Nana and Soi Cowboy districts and get some fun and thrills with the girls working at go-go bars. To ensure safety when you bring in your new friend, have them submit a Thai identification card for security reasons. The guards watching the hotel may ask few questions about your companion, so be ready to respond to them. This will also assure you that your companion for the night won’t steal anything while you’re showering or sleeping.

To ensure that you are well accommodated in a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit, you may need to book yourself in advance before you come to Bangkok. This will ensure that you have an appropriate accommodation to suit your budget, preference and needs.

Water For Framers In Drought-Stricken North South Wales

Caringbah is a suburb in the state of North South Wales, Australia. You will find a mixture of commercial, residential and industrial areas. In the commercial district, you will find small businesses that include Caringbah café, a quiet space to enjoy delicious cakes, light lunches and barista-made coffee.

However, drought has become so serious in New South Wales that farmers are accessing the new local swimming pool for water. Last week, the 8-lane outdoor pool was filled with water to test for leaks but Gunnedah Mayor James Chaffey is offering the water so that it won’t go to waste. The water is not potable but it can be useful for farmers and primary producers. The mayor knows that this water is just a drop in the ocean but he doesn’t want it to simply go down the drain.

Local officials across the drought-stricken areas in NSW are maximizing water saving measures with free water provided for stock and domestic use. Meanwhile, the Federal government is currently holding national talks on drought assistance.

The situation is North South Wales is very serious because almost 100% of the state is either in drought, on drought watch or currently experiencing the beginning of drought. At least 57% of Queensland is also experiencing drought. Discussions focus on long term drought policies and strategies as well as the building resilience and drought preparedness during climate changes.

Those who are experiencing financial hardships can apply for Farm Household Allowance (FHA) that is equivalent to an unemployment benefit. Rural financing counsellors will help the farmers in completing the FHA application.

Other organizations like North South Wales Country Women’s Organization are also offering direct assistance. Emergency grants worth $3,000 from the disaster relief fund are offered for groceries, car maintenance and household and medical bills. Big banks are also being encouraged to help farmers manage both good and bad years.

To relive the stress faced with lack of water in North South Wales, you can relax at Caringbah café and grab a cup of coffee and cake. You can also give yourself that well deserved treat with 2 scones filled with jam and cream and a pot of tea.

Escalation Of Protectionism Measures Could Trigger An Economic Downturn

It makes sense for the Human Resources Department to use payroll software so that staff will have more time to devote to more pressing responsibilities than computing the pay of employees. The HR department has many important tasks that include providing employees with the right training so that they can more productive and motivated in the workplace.

On the other hand, the world is threatened today by news of trade wars. The global economy is picking up but the escalation of protectionism measures could lead to another downturn. According to Bank for International Settlements (BIS), there are signs that the “racketing up of rhetoric” is severely affecting investment. There are fears that a full-blown trade war may happen as Donald Trump steps up hostility with some of America’s key trading partners.

Tariffs were imposed on steel and aluminium imported from other countries but the trading partners, China and Europe immediately responded with retaliatory measures. The US president has threatened China with tariffs on $200 billion worth of imported goods. Europe was also threatened with tariffs on imported European cars after Brussels imposed taxes on American products like Levi’s jeans, bourbon whiskey and Harley Davidson motorcycles.

The escalation of protectionism measures could trigger an economic downturn and the impact could be very significant. There are signs of increasing uncertainties that are associated with the first protectionist steps.

In the annual report on challenges to the global economy, BIS states that the ultra-low interest rates that were implemented by central banks to respond to the financial crisis has improved global economy but loose monetary policies could be a threat to stability. 10 years after the global crisis, central banks were satisfied with the state of global economy but they cannot continue to be the only game in town. Normalization of monetary policies is very important in rebuilding policy space.

Regardless of the size of a company and the number of persons they employ, maintaining an efficient system through payroll software is always an important consideration. Employees expect to be paid for the work they performed and if the company fails, it results into unhappy employees and legal complications.

Why Expats Prefer To Stay In Sukhumvit Serviced Apartments

Many business travellers who are planning for a long term stay in Bangkok prefer the serviced apartment near BTS because it more convenient in terms of travel, leisure and business. Compared to hotel rooms, serviced apartments are more spacious with a comfortable sofa, dining table, washer and drier and TV entertainment centre. Of course, there is internet connectivity.

In Bangkok, many investors prefer to buy condominiums so that they can rent them out and gain a steady income. The investment comes with a hope that in the future there will be an increase in the value of the property. However, it is not easy to get long term residential tenants. The investor needs to understand the needs of tenants and determine who they are, where they want to rent, what they expect and how much rent they are willing to pay.

In Bangkok’s residential rental market, there are high end tenants composed of working expatriates and low end tenants with budgets that are below 10,000 baht per month. They cannot afford to buy a condo unit but they need a short term accommodation. An example is students who will only stay for the duration of their education.

Over the last 3 decades, expatriates have shown a strong preference to live in a few Bangkok districts. The most popular is Sukhumvit between Soi1 and 63 although Lumpini and other parts of Sathron area have their share of expats. Sukhumvit area is popular because it is near the BTS Skytrain, shopping malls, hospitals, international schools and a wide range of restaurants.

Choice of accommodation varies from renting an apartment, a condominium unit or a serviced apartment that is run like a hotel. Majority of expats who prefer serviced apartments are single occupiers who opt for a studio or a one-bedroom unit. Families generally prefer the 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom rental units.

It is easy for serviced apartment near BTS to attract tenants because of the convenient location. Other factors that can influence a decision include size, design, specifications and other features that maximize its appeal. Floor-to-ceiling windows that allow natural light with an outstanding view add an extra dimension of class and sophistication.

Garment Industry As An Opportunity For Women To Become Independent

Embroidery is an old craft but surprisingly, it is still being used today without any changes in techniques and materials. If you are going to embroider a design on a dress or a baby blanket, you can find embroider supplies in Thailand that excel in quality, safety and effectiveness. Whereas women used to embroider by hand, technology led to the development of machine embroidery for mass-produced garments.

The global garment industry today is worth $3 trillion which is about 2% of the world’s GDP. In some countries like Bangladesh, the main export is textiles. In the United States, bits and pieces of textiles can be found in landfills while the country is dotted with 20th century textile mills and factories. The growing garment industry has become a global empire that is paying severely low wages while producing cheaper fabrics at a faster rate.

For many women, the garments industry is a perfect opportunity to become independent. While working in the garments factory is hard work, it allows women to earn good money for their needs. For others, a job at a garments factory comes with steep price particularly clandestine factories where women are held captive as slave labourers.

For many countries, the production of clothing is an opportunity to join the global economy. This is a pattern that has been repeatedly seen in world history. During the 1950’s, it was Japan and not China that was dominant in apparel exports. Gradually, Japan started to make textiles and fibbers before it moved to more sophisticated products like television and electronics.

In the United States, textile and apparel industry reached its peak in 1973 with 2.3 million workers. In 1996, the US had 1.5 million workers but by 2012, only 383,000 remained. Some said, it has something to do with cheaper labour overseas but the collapse of the industry certainly coincides with the expiration of several international agreements.

Embroidery is a sector of the garments industry that requires décor on caps, hats, clothing, blankets and denim. There is a wide variety of embroider supplies in Thailand in thread and yarn colour. Whereas embroidery used to be considered as a sign of wealth and status, it is now a technique used in ordinary garments.