Amazon Studios Opt To Relocate To Culver City

Office relocation presents a business with an opportunity for a fresh start. However, moving day can be very stressful without Sydney furniture removals that will ensure that packing and unpacking of furniture and other office items will be done properly and with care. Getting help from removal companies is the easiest way to avoid the stress of relocating.
There are many different reasons why offices relocate. Maybe the office is located in an undesirable location or the company wants to change its image. Amazon Studios is moving a new location in Hollywood together with its team of more than 700 people. Amazon Studios is going to relocate from its present address in Santa Monica to the Culver Studios in Culver City.
Culver Studios is known as one of Hollywood’s most iconic movie and television facilities. The studio was the home to some of the most successful films in the history of Hollywood. One of the most memorable blockbuster films that were produced in the studio is Gone With the Wind.
The main reason for Amazon Studio’s move to Culver Studio is quite simple; it wants a bigger space to work from. Amazon Studios will enjoy 280,000 square feet of space. Another reason for the move is job creation. According to Amazon Studios the expanded office space in Culver Studios will allow room for new jobs in various areas like creative, technical, marketing and legal.
Early this year, Amazon promised the creation of more jobs when it joins China-based Alibaba. Amazon has pledged 100,000 new fulltime jobs in the next 18 months. Amazons relocation came at the time when competition has heated up with Netflix and Apple. These giant companies are competing for original television content for their streaming video services. It has been reported that Apple is also looking at Culver Studios to accommodate its film team.
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Deliveroo Introduces Dark Kitchen

Technology has brought us this far considering that there are courier companies in Melbourne but the startupDeliveroo was still able to make it. Unlike other delivery services that utilize vehicles in going from point A to point B, the company delivers using the traditional bicycles.

It is the habit of Levi Aron, the Aussie manager of Deliveroo, to play the role of a delivery rider wearing reflective jacket while riding the bike. According to him, delivering made him realize that unpredictable things happen. He shared how he once delivered to a couple in their 50s and they gave him a $5 tip all in 20 cents coins.

Aron is not after the tips but experiencing what the employers go through gave him more insights into the food delivery venture that he is leading. He added that he was able to try the technology first-hand and he gets to work with the riders of the company.

This is an important measure Aron has to take as his food delivery business expanding into a new venture they call dark kitchens. Formally, Australia will know this service as the Deliveroo Editions.

As of writing, the British startup is worth over $2.6 billion. The goal of Deliveroo Editions is to deliver to customers a network of kitchens all across Australia. The company has already tried the concept in various places such as Dubai, the Netherlands, Britain and its recent stage will be in Australia.

Deliveroo was able to gather $488 million worth of funding in September in order to accomplish this new venture. Their goal is to create around 200 kitchens all over the globe before Christmas arrives.

Every location of Deliveroo Editions will have between eight and nine kitchen built especially for this purpose. They will be set up for delivery and every kitchen will be designated to a specific brand of restaurant.

Aron is happy to be partnering with the best restaurants in the country. They will be able to deliver the supplies to the area where demand is high. As the scene for courier companies in Melbourne is changing, the same growth is happening to the startup Deliveroo.