Belton, Missouri Family Winners Of The Schloegel Design Giveaway

It’s a common occurrence in any household, the occupants having trouble sharing the bathroom with each other. Even with the best bathroom designs, and that large bathroom storage unit, use and space problems would still pop up. Bathroom sharing is an issue for normal families, but it’s a bigger issue when two of the family members have genetic birth defects.

The Coots family’s two kids, 2-year old Joseph and 17-year-old Jonathan, both suffer from Spina Bifida, a birth defect that happens when the vertebrae don’t form themselves around the baby’s spinal cord properly. The concerns for their family, is why Schloegel Design company chose them as the major winner of 2018’s Schloegel Design Remodel’s Big Splash Custom Bath Giveaway.

The Schloegel Design company went to work in renovating the Coots’ family bathroom, taking over three weeks throughout January, with the renovation only being recently completed, with the Coots having seen their bathroom only recently.

Jennifer Coots, the family matriarch, said that their new bathroom was pretty, as she opened the new wide, sliding door of their renovated bathroom, which has lost its bathtub, replaced with an easy-access shower that doesn’t require someone to lift their feet to get in, which is fitting for those who need crutches to move. Additionally, there is a swanky teak shower seat inside that can hold two kids, far more aesthetically pleasing than the plastic chairs they replaced.

A toilet paper dispenser and the towel rack both doubles as grab bars, with reinforcement with blocking with the wall and large bathroom storage unit, with Jennifer saying that all the aesthetics managed to effectively hide all the ergonomic and safety features. She says that the bathroom looks so sleek and stylish, all hiding the safety feature designed to help the boys.

Co-Owner Chris Peterson, Schloegel Design says that the Coots were one of the three metro families who the Big Splash Custom Bath Giveaway, having received the largest upgrades, as part of what he calls as the effect of the Big Splash.

Jennifer says that how this simple change, can change their lives and how helpful it can be to any family facing struggling, as she cried in joy regarding the renovation.