Car Wrapping Scam In East Texas

A lot of scams are circulating the internet every day. Craigslist is currently the venue for a car wrapping scam which is looking for victims in Texas. Car wrapping is when your vehicle is covered with advertisements for a certain business.

The scam initially reeled Lyman Bassett in because of the prospect of earning some cash. He found out later on that the deal is a fraud and he was being scammed in the process.

Bassett shared that he does gardening and home improvements for a living. He is also on the hunt for an extra hob thus he posted about his services on the popular site Craigslist. He does not have to wait long before a message got to him.

He shared that all his transactions and conversations from Craigslist is done through text messaging. There was a business who contacted him about subjecting his vehicle for car wrapping service in order to advertise something.

He was expecting a message from someone who requires his services but instead he got an offer to cover his truck with advertisements. Bassett shared that the solicitor did not say anything about the wrap or the advertisement that will be placed but he was already interested at that point. If he agreed to car wrapping then he will be able to get a paycheck every week.

He recounted that the solicitor asked him about the vehicle type that he is driving and after that, a check was already sent to his mail.

He continued that once he received the check, he was instructed to deposit the amount to his personal account. A percentage will then be sent to the person who did the car wrapping service and the rest will be the payment for his first week upon agreeing.

The instruction made Bassett suspicious that he presented it to his local bank and they told him that the whole process presents a red flag.

He discovered that if he followed through with the instruction, $1700 would have been deducted from his own bank account while the check will bounce and no money will be credited to his personal account.

This is why it is important to only deal with authorize car signage in Sydney for any car wrapping services to avoid being scammed.

Bronies May Have Greatly Helped Lift Hasbro Company Up


It is no secret that Hasbro has become one of America’s most favorite companies. But with the way their competitors are going, it might be a wonder as to how Hasbro has managed to stay ahead in their game. The most likely answer to this is because of the company’s most girly product which has been shooting up every year.

In the recent earnings report of Hasbro, it was revealed that the company has seen a huge growth in their “Girls” sector, particularly with My Little Pony and Nerf Rebelle. The growth itself is already an achievement knowing that all the other traditional pillars of the toy industry, brands which have been part of children’s lives before, are now continuously flagging like Hasbro’s board games, Playskool as well as Mattel’s Barbie franchise and Fisher-Price.

My Little Pony has been performing extremely well over the past years, especially when its reboot was launched back in 2010. In fact, the My Little Pony franchise had propelled the girl’s category of the Hasbro Company to their very first $1 billion back in the year 2013.

In the first quarter of the year 2014, the Girl’s sector has grown to an outstanding 21 percent. The growth can be attributed to the My Little Pony and Nerf Rebelle brands which have continued to perform strongly in their category.

When you would compare their growth rate to the girls of Mattel, you would find that they are literally slamming them against the wall as proven how Barbie had fallen 14 percent in the same quarter.

Now with the Girls category performing extremely well, there is one question to be raised: are girls really the one who had bought their products?

That question is really difficult to answer since there is also a fandom that has continuously supported the My Little Pony franchise ever since the launch of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The reboot didn’t just attract little girls; they have also attracted a wide number of grown men who now call themselves Bronies or simply the Brony fandom.

The fandom continues to buy their merchandise like My Little Pony pajamas, hoodies, shirts as well as attending various My Little Pony conventions all around the world. So it is only fitting to acknowledge that the Bronies have greatly contributed to the continued growth of the My Little Pony franchise.

Frozen Dresses Millions Sold

It has been a year since the release of the movie Frozen and it is still one of the most bought role-playing dresses in North America. This year, more than three million pieces of the Frozen role-playing costumes were sold. The number is staggering which only shows how much the movie Frozen has influenced in the cultural and financial aspect.

Only the number of items was released by Disney Consumer Products though unusual for the company to do. They did not disclose the corresponding dollar amount of the 3 million items sold. The princess dresses where a mixed of Elsa and Anna’s. While Elsa’s dress is ice blue, Anna has more earth tones on hers. Both the dresses sell for a price that ranges from $49.95 to $99.95 in Disney Stores.

Frozen, a musical animation, earned a whooping 1.3 billion dollars during last year’s global box office. This year’s Halloween consumer survey conducted by the National Retail Federation reveals that approximately 2.6 million children chose to dress up as one of the characters in the said movie.

The federation also revealed that around 3.4 million children dressed up as a princess of some sort during Halloween. While Spider-Man, also a property owned by Disney, was the most popular costumes among boys – around 2.6 million dressed up as Spider-Man.

Frozen was released last November and there was a shortage of Frozen merchandise following the holiday after the released. The popularity of the movie was not anticipated by the Disney Consumer Products. Parents were scrambling for famous Frozen merchandise which is one of the reason that contributed to the hype over anything Frozen. This holiday season will be brighter because Disney is flooding stores with Frozen merchandise. The company had doubled its presence in terms of retail to meet the current demand. Parents need not worry about telling their children why Santa did not get them their Frozen wish list for Christmas.

It is not very surprising in this age where kids want what other kids have. If consumers think they have seen enough Elsa last Halloween night then they better be prepared for this coming Christmas season.

After Bribing Chinese Officials With Gucci Bags, Avon Is Fined $135 M

Hong Kong – December 18, 2014 – SEC fines internationally known beauty goods company, Avon, with $135 million for bribing Chinese officials with all kinds of highly expensive luxury items.

Avon’s Chinese subsidiary is alleged to have spent $8 million in bribing Chinese officials. These bribes — cash, travel, entertainment and gifts — were given to Chinese officials that were in charge with the new regulations so that Avon would be able to directly sell their products to consumers. Avon had falsely recorded the bribes as expenditure for business employees and payments to vendors.

The luxury items that were given to the Chinese officials ranged from Gucci bags, Louis Vuitton products to Tiffany pens along with box tickets to the China Open. This bribe had helped Avon attain one of the first direct selling business licenses in China back in 2006.

Avon was able to reap from great financial benefits because their bribes gave them a considerable lead against their competitions.

The act in itself is a direct violation to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act because it had failed to prevent the bribery and also due to the fact they had failed to place an effective system that would detect illegal acts such as these.

According to SEC, Avon isn’t the only company that has played dirty in China. There are many western and banking firms that have violated the FCPA. Known US Bank, JPMorgan and Glaxosmithkline, a major drug company are being scrutinized due to their bad practices.

Avon brings in $10 Billion in annual revenue. The New York-based company has agreed to settle the fine and has also agreed to put up a corporate compliance monitor that will last for 18 months.

This just goes to show that in order to stay ahead and be successful in the world of businesses, you would have to play dirty and resort to illegal acts just so that you can get what you want. Recent investigations for various companies have also shown the good changes in the system and would prevent any wrongdoings and bad practices in the years to come.