3 Reasons To Hire A Process Server

There are certain documents that need to be delivered and received by the person concerned. This is a requirement when the document is legal in nature such as demand or litigation notices. In such cases, the services would require a Process Server to deliver the notices especially since petitioners would choose not to deliver these notifications themselves.

Before litigation would commence, the law requires for the respondent to be notified of the issues filed against him. In order for the legal proceedings to take place, the respondent or respondents need to be notified the soonest time possible. One advantage of having a Process Server is that you can be sure that the person concerned gets the notification within 24 hours after the petition is released. Although the delivery of notice will have something to do with the efficiency of the process server, you increase the chance of having the notice delivered if you hire a service provider. A process server provides up to date feedback on the delivery status so you would know right away if the notice was successfully or if there is a need for the server to make a follow through.

Another reason why you should hire a reliable process server is for you to get a timely response from the respondent through the proper forum. A response may end up in settlement or in full blown litigation or resolutions, depending on the issue.

If you need a process server, hire one within your area so you can easily correspond with the agency. Having a process server who is just within your area will also reduce the service cost. A process service is ideal for certain industries such as in law, corporate, businesses establishments and even individuals who need to deliver legal notices such as divorce papers to their spouse. With a Process Server, you get that peace of mind that the respondent was made known of the issue before him and you can expect a response from the other party within the expected time provided by law. Legal matters need to be given immediate attention and you do not have to do it on your own when you can hire experts to do the job for you.

State Insurance Head Disputing Audit On Back Taxes

A few months after an outside audit was accepted due to his office’s failure in collecting some 190 million US dollars on back taxes from insurers, the state insurance superintendent now rejects the audit as incorrect. He also tried to do negotiations with investigation insurance companies for a much lesser payment in order to settle claims, based from documents acquired by The New Mexican.

John Franchini’s letter disputing the audit report

In his letter addressed to the state Attorney General Hector Balderas, the state insurance superintendent John Franchini requested Balderas to conduct a review on the accounting firm that did the audit on whether they have done all required work under their contract. Clifton, Larson & Allen, the accounting firm, finished their work last August but the findings were released in September.

In Franchini’s hand delivered letter addressed to Balderas, he argued that the accounting firm made use of incorrect data for its analysis.

Clifton, Larson & Allen is a huge accounting and auditing company in New Mexico. They have finished hundreds of state and local government jobs. Raul Anaya from the firm said that they do not comment regarding client matters.

Tim Keller, a State Auditor, mentioned that Franchini misguided the audit’s handling and his actions will likely cost millions of dollars for taxpayers.

A top priority for the Legislature

Governor Susana Martinez as well as the Legislature addressed a letter to Franchini. In the letter, a top deputy of Keller questioned Franchini if he has a conflict in interest about the dispute regarding premium taxes that insurers owe. The key lawmakers raised questions regarding tax collections, and they wondered whether Franchini’s ties to insurance companies create a conflict.

The issue is a top priority for the Legislature and also the topic of monthly updates regarding the progress in the collection of black taxes.

The letter also indicated that even though Franchini claimed it’s a fraud investigation, he has already backed off from it since it was unclear whether anything will stem from the investigations.

Franchini told lawmakers that they are working on resolving the problem after they gained freedom in 2013 from the Public Regulation Commission.

Preparing the Store for Holiday Sales


The holiday season is just around the corner and retailers need to make sure that stores are prepared to for the influx of buyers. According to the National Retail Federation, it is expected that holiday sales will increase by 4.1% over last year’s sales to an astounding $616.9 billion. The holiday season accounts for 20% to 40% of a retailer’s annual sales and accounts for at least 20% of the industry’s total sales every year.

When preparing the store for the holidays, retailers can get their ideas from what transpired in the previous year. What has worked successfully in the store and what did the customers like? What needs to be improved and what strategies worked successfully the past year? What type of atmosphere will be created for this year’s holiday customers?

Some of the more important steps when planning are to get the sales floor ready and to check inventory and stock before everything gets too busy. Retailers need to have enough merchandise to handle increased demand which means stocking up on store supplies like retail gift bags, gift certificates, holiday gift wrappers and ribbons. Retailers also need to plan for window display and special holiday signage.

There is a range of choice when it comes to window display but retailers should be able to showcase their merchandise in the best way possible. Buying certain categories and getting them in displays is very important. For example, having retail gift bags on display is not good for sales because customers usually want to check out the designs. Hanging the gift bags is a better option because it would be easier for customers to look at the designs they want and they will be more inclined to buy.

Hanging rods are best tools for items like gift bags, accessories and small merchandise while display shelves work best for tech gadgets, electronics, apparel and shoes. Signage that promotes the holidays and other special events is the most cost effective method to advertise.

Make sure to have the right window display because it is the first thing that potential customers see when they enter your store. Make sure you have adequate supply of retail gift bags that will accommodate the purchases.

An Analysis Of The Website Design Industry


If you are looking for someone to design your company’s website, you can visit perthwebdesign and avail of their services. Engaging in a business that designs websites is one of the myriad of businesses that one can take advantage of the ever evolving technological advancements.

From time to time, there are companies launched at the public market engaged purely in web designing and web related services. About a year ago, a do-it-yourself website creator went for an IPO. The company was valued at about $700M. As more websites that specialize in do-it-yourself creation are launched in the market, a lot of people are questioning what the future of website industry would be. Would the world of website creation be led by amateurs and hobbyists who are using DIY solutions? What would the role of professional designers be in this volatile market?

Amateurs and web design

Lately, there have been different tools in the market that offer very low cost solutions in creating websites. There are B2C platforms which can benefit small business owners. The do-it-yourself websites will allow the amateurs to choose from various selections of templates when creating their own basic websites. The process is described as fun, fast and easy. However, though there are plenty of platforms in the internet where you can create your own website, according to survey, only 3 percent of websites are crating with the use of do-it-yourself platforms. Amateur usually find it very difficult in finishing a process which they started on their own. Only a very small percentage of users end up with a published domain.

The web design industry

The web design service industry in the United States is worth a staggering $20.1B. There are about 16 million new websites that are published every month. The question now is who are creating these millions of websites?

More than 70 percent of the websites are created by professionals who use pro-developers platforms. The solution used is the B2B. This kind of solution offer tools used in building very advanced websites which include CMS or content management systems and custom design like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. However, when you create functioning websites, you have to manually convert the static graphic designs into computer codes.

Office Furniture Sector Experiences Increasing Growth

office furniture

According to latest sales figures along with the quarterly activity index, it is now evident that the office furniture sector is now experiencing generous growth and it would seem that this growth would continue on to next month’s NeoCon tradeshow which would be held in Chicago.

Knoll Inc. and HNI Corp. are two of the most notable key players in this growth, other than that; they are also one of the leading providers in this industry. Both of them had reported that their furniture divisions have had strong sales growth for the last month, April.

Meanwhile, throughout the rest of the office furniture industry, Michael A. Dunlap & Associates LLC have registered 56.80 on a scale of zero to one hundred which can be compared to January’s 57.27 and as well as a 57.58 experienced six months ago. The index for the month of April is also considered as the third biggest since last 2007.

Michael Dunlap had said that the industry is continuing to move steadily and is also improving on its trend line. He also said that they are reaffirming their prediction that the industry is heading towards the achievement of experiencing the best year in more than a decade.

The index reportedly gauges in 10 different categories and this is based in the surveys from different furniture makers and suppliers executives. Last April, three of these categories have experienced an improvement while the remaining 7 have declined with ‘minor adjustments’ to be made.

The declines for last April are considered by Dunlap as not very significant since they have been experiencing growth since 2013. He also said that the industry will continue to grow in the second and third quarter of this year.

With Knoll and HNI, the sales for office furniture have doubled in the first quarter. The Knoll based in The East Village, Pa has reported a sale of $167.7 million while the HNI based in Iowa has a sales of $407.4 million with 13.7 percent increase from the last quarter.

It has been projected that sales for HNI will grow from 8 percent to 12 percent in the next quarter.

All in all, it can be said that it will be a good year for the office furniture industry.

What Are Actuaries For?

If your SMSF has a pension fund then it is necessary that you have an actuary where you can request for actuarial certificates. Some trustees don’t see the need in having an actuary but in reality, they are important when actuarial certificates are needed. Not only intended for pension funds but also for transition to retirement pensions. The process is fairly easy when getting actuarial certificates and you will only have to cover the cost which is around a few hundred dollars.

Actuaries have a profession that requires the use of mathematical techniques which is needed to determine future predictions. In Australia, a legal actuary must have qualifications from the Actuaries Institute.

If you are contributing in a pension then along the way you will need an actuary especially if the funds involved are not properly segregated. The certificate created by an actuary will ensure that your funds will get a tax exemption. Without the said certificate, tax exemption will not be granted. This is only beneficial if the amount of the tax exemption is greater than what you will need to pay an actuary for a certificate. If it less than that then there is no point in acquiring one.

The certification will not be necessary under these circumstances:

  • In one financial year, the members of the SMSF are receiving pensions and the pension’s account balance is the same as the super fund’s asset’s value.
  • Not one of the members under your SMSF is currently receiving an ongoing pension.
  • The super fund is contributing to one or many pensions but the pension’s balance must be less than the asset of the super fund. The funds must also be properly segregated.

Here is a summary of the process involved in getting a certification:

  • All fund transactions details must be given to the actuary.
  • A percentage is calculated and is stated on the certificate. The percentage is the determinant of the tax return the fund is getting.
  • The percentage is also the determinants of the taxable income’s exact amount which can be exempted.

This certification is easily done by a qualified actuary and is mostly done automatically in some actuarial firms.