Cambridge JustPark Program: Hassle-Free Parking For A More Fun Shopping

Cambridge is the kind of place that gets the mall area very crowded during Christmas season. This is because of the last minute shopping that is encouraged by holiday sales. People living near those areas find this as an opportunity to make money while helping people by giving them a space to park. They give tabs on those who want to rent the space outside their houses or backyards. While some give reasonable prices for consideration of the fact that their place is one of the busiest and most occupied cities outside the barriers of London, others see this venture as their only chance to get a big sum of money without actually exerting any effort.

An example to the various people who did the favor of giving out spaces from their own estates is Marc Aizlewood who has been a local at Cambridge for many years now. He claims to have had about a hundred customers for the holidays that are very serious on renting hid driveway. He charged £5 each day for every single one of them. This was made possible with the help of the JustPark organization that makes listings of possible driveways that people can use for parking. After Marc joined in into the scrambling craze of holiday parking spree, he has gained a surmountable amount of profitable gain.

The founder of the JustPark, Anthony Ezkinazi stated that he is expecting to feel the full blow of the Christmas season effects on driveways and pavements during the Christmas day itself; making people with cars settle on higher streets which are kilometers away from the center. With the help of the JustPark website, people can now book spaces that are near the malls so that they would not have to fight and or hassle themselves to find a spot to park. JustPark spokesperson recognized the difficulty of the situation every Christmas holidays and promotes their website to further simplify the lives of those who live in Cambridge. Because of this whole ruckus, Cambridge is titled to be one of the places to have the most expensive parking spaces during holiday season.

Start Turning Your Hobby Into A Business

If an aspiring entrepreneur can benefit from doing something he loves then turning it into a business is the next best step. It could be a hobby, something he does when he has some free time or something he is very passionate about.

A starting businessman can start with something small and test it on the market. One very important thing to consider is if he can take his product or expertise to the market. If the market takes it well then he may start deciding whether he is ready to start a business of his own.

One thing for sure, he will be facing a dilemma like most starting entrepreneurs, leave his full-time day work and focus on his new business or leave it as a sideline. Most businesses take up a lot of time and effort if a person really wants it to work.

Here are some tips from business experts Simon Devonshire and Tina Ritchie which they shared in an article in BBC News:

• Know the problem to be solved
• Think of a brand name, unique logo and own the website name
• Inquire about loans and grant schemes that are available
• Don’t invest big in the beginning of a venture, sell and test the market first

Either a person is into baking, jewellery making or programming the next hit website in the World Wide Web, he should have a general idea of what problem he is trying to solve and what purpose the product serves. Most often, starting entrepreneurs are having a hard time finding the right product to sell rather than finding funds to start a business.

Once he got an idea and he knows what he wants to do, he can ask around and apply for grants and loan schemes that are available for him. A new business could start with something small. Not until the product is tested by selling in the market will you know if you are onto something.

A business will thrive if a person does what he loves and loves what he do.