Funeral Directors In Perth Explains How The Funeral Industry Works

The process all begins with a phone call when someone dies or had just passed away, says general manager for Grace Funerals Asha Dooley.

The bereaved conveys what he or she wishes during this phone call, and sometimes meet with the funeral directors in Perth for agreement and instruction.

And then the logistical exercise for preparing a funeral is initiated.

Various religions and cultures make their funerals and the deaths of their loved ones done in so many ways.

Most people think funeral directors in Perth look in two different ways: an Atwoodian gleam of the white lady set (mute, exclusively female), and the stiff-suited undertaker (solemn, overwhelmingly male).

These images don’t fit Ms. Dooley, who used to be a hotelier trained previously as a team leader in a Qatari resort.

She adds, “running a funeral is the same as planning a wedding. The only difference is having it done in a span of three days.”

Grace Funerals offer full service options, meaning overlooking of every detail of the funeral process including bodily transport to furnishing programs for the service.

The offices are complete with a day care, day spa, chapel, mortuary, prepping rooms and hearse.

The bereaved family should have an outlet in times of death, which the funeral directors in Perth can provide prior to being contacted.

“We have various venue options and disparate concepts already available, which make us work quickly especially in a short period of time. “

The misery business

Grace Funerals is manned with four full-time staff and some casuals, although Ms. Dooley won’t speak about the number of funerals she has handled.

The independent and family run funeral parlor used to be the norm of the Australian funeral industry.

The funeral directors in Perth told The Australian in 2011 that if they can’t give a funeral, they can help you at the cemetery gates.

Dealing with grief

Despite being contacted by the bereaved in times of death, Ms. Dooley doesn’t find her work sorrowful.

She says she finds it rewarding to meet various families.It’s a challenging job as she tries to condole the families with something they are looking after.

University Of Sydney Releases Report On Australia’s Funeral Costs

With death being such a costly affair nowadays, people are looking for the best prices for funeral services, in order to properly honour their dearly departed, without dishonouring their dear deposits. Therefore, it is that families look through funeral directors in Sydney and nearby places to find the best deals for funerals.

According to a report made by the University of Sydney Business School, that is easier said than done. The data from their report shows that funeral services across Australia vary wildly based on location, meaning that Australians everywhere now have to go around looking for the best deals.

Professor Sandra van der Laan lead the endeavour which sampled over 100 funeral service providers, which then discovered that the average price of a funeral in Australia varies from $4132 to $5646, depending on whether or not the service was availed online, as well as the location of the funeral.

The report, however, also noted out that all of Australia’s regulatory requirements for the proper disposal of a body would cost a mere $1200.

According to Prof. Van der Laan, the difference in the pricing stemmed from funeral directors offering service packages in bundles and selling them as per total cost. That is, instead of listing out each item in the service package as per legal requirements, which would allow the buyers to really see what they get when they consult funeral directors in Sydney for their services.

She says that a funeral service’s cost comes from the fact that a service is generally pre-packaged, and that’s hard to undo and get a clear picture of costs. The costs also tended to be lower for those transactions that happen online.

Surveys and online research conducted of funeral service providers across Australia showed that the average cost of a budget funeral in the country averaged at the $2215 to $4132 for online transactions, whilst direct contact with the provider ups the price average to $3345 to $5646.

Tom Godfrey, Head of Media and Communications at Choice, a consumer advocacy group, the best way to proceed is to be aware of consumer rights, ask for itemised quotes on the prices, and ensure that customers only get the services they want.