How To Find A Reputable Furniture Removalists In Sydney?

When you relocate to another house, you need to find a trusted furniture removalists in Sydney that won’t break, lose or steal your items, or perhaps increase the price upon delivery. It is understood that removalists can have complaints made by unhappy customers. Using Fair Trading NSW, there are increasing numbers of complaints filed in the office for the past five years. Removalists are mandated to follow the law by providing care and skill and a reasonable time frame.

Cowboys on the move

According to AFRA, furniture removalists in Sydney generate around $1-billion annually with every move they make varying in size and distance. To become an AFRA member, the removalist has to post $2000 bond and undergo an initial audit, an audit a year later, and more regular auditsfor every four years. AFRA expects these companies to maintain a standard to include police checks for each employee, driver fatigue management, first aid kits for staff, suitable packing materials, and vehicle maintenance. The removalist company has to cooperate and work legitimately or they can take away their bond and suspend the membership.

What to ask the removalist?

  • Are they working for a flat free or probably charged by the hour?
  • If they work hourly, will it include the driving time from the source to the destination, or just the packing and unpacking from the van?
  • Wil there be a call-out rates and how much?
  • Will there be additional fees if the move takes longer than expected?
  • Will they hire a subcontractor for the move, or they will personally do the job?

Moving Tips

  • Check online sites for furniture removalists in Sydney that can help you with the moving out. You may want to compare these quotes for the best options.
  • Check if the removalist is an AFRA member.
  • Create a detailed list of all items the removalist will handle and transport to your desired location.
  • Obtain a contract to legitimize the agreement.
  • Before you bid them farewell, ensure all your belongings are well accounted for.

Who’s liable?

There are removalists who provide themselves with insurance as protection to damages of items they transported. So ensure you know what they can cover and can’tcover. If the removalists did the packing and unpacking, they are liable for your belongings.