Important Consideration Before You Buy LED Strip Lights

LED strips are gaining popularity as the best lights for home lighting. They are taking over other types of home lighting such as incandescent bulbs and halogen lights. There are many factors contributing to the growing popularity of LED lights such as low power consumption, higher brightness, easy programmability, production of lesser heat and the long durability of these lights. LED lights can be compactly packed and are available in different ways.

The most preferred form of using LED lights is as LED outdoor strip lighting in Australia, also known as linear lighting. It is the easiest to install and affordable lighting option available for homeowners. There are different types of LED strips available in the market. They have to been chosen based on the lighting requirements, budget and the area of installation.

  • Length – length of the LED strip is a major consideration for choosing LED outdoor strip lighting in Australia, for different purposes. Apart from the total length of the LED strip also consider the number of LEDs per foot. Prefer the strip with the highest amount of LEDs for a clean and efficient lighting.
  • Brightness – consider the lumens of the LED strip. The lumens should be chosen according to the requirement of the place of LED installation. Opt for a LED outdoor strip lighting in Australia, with high lumens if you want a bright light and the one with low lumens for soft lighting.
  • Colours – LED strips come in a wide range of colours. They are also available as multicolour strips. Single colour LED is the most basic option which costs less and is easy to install. The multicolour strips known as RGB strips can display Red, Blue and Green colours.
  • Colour temperature – colour temperature indicates the appearance of the light. It lets you know how warm or cool, the light appears. Temperature of LEDs is measured in Kelvin. Cool colour lighting strips have high Kelvin and warmer colours have low Kelvin.

Select a LED outdoor strip lighting in Australia, depending on the above points. Also consider the wattage of the strip and the ease of installation. Speak to your electrical contractor and buy the LED strips from a trusted supplier.