OYO Rooms Ventured Into Wedding Industry

The competition in the wedding industry has become stiffer with the addition of OYO Rooms, a well-known brand of hotel chain. The company recently ventured into the wedding business with the launch of their SBU or Strategic Business Unit, Auto Party. The goal of this unit is to provide customers with a one-stop shop when it comes to everything they need for the wedding. In Australia, couples would have to find a company for marquee hire in Sydney, hunt down a florist or a baker but with this unit the clients will have access to a network of vendors.

The unit was conceived because of the number of requests OYO Rooms has been receiving since they are already making use of the current services offered by the company. Majority of these requests are made by corporations and companies to help them organize events related to business matters as well as hosting conferences. OYO decided to go all out and grab the opportunity to offer something more than that.

Looking at the wedding industry in India, experts believe that the new segment will help the company earn around $54 billion. Wedding planning is such as a demanding industry that it comes as no surprise that many startups are releasing their own ventures. OYO will have a head start though because it is already in control of a number of hotel properties which is one of the most important elements in a wedding.

According to OYO, there are around 50 venues that can be used by Auto Party which are located in difference cities. The goal is to find more in order to offer at least 100 options to clients before 2018 ends. The business was originally managed offline but it has been included in the main application by OYO. Through the app, the clients will be able to see the venue through a video while food tasting can be arranged on the same app.

This new trend is expected to spread to Australia where marquee hire in Sydney and booking other vendors can be accomplished by clients through a mobile app.

How To Ride A Bus From Bangkok To Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second biggest city and is in the far north of the country. It’s about more than four hundred miles north from Bangkok and if you’re planning to visit this city, you can get there in so many ways. First, there is the bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, then travelling by train or plane, each will be defined in detail as seen below:

By Bus

Travelling by bus in Thailand is quite popular in the area. From Bangkok, you will find buses that leave from the Mo Chit bus station many times a day. The price for an air-conditioned 1st class bus ticket is around $17 or 500 baht. The bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is also remarkably faster than traveling by train as you can reach the city within a 9-hour span. However, the bus seats are less comfortable than those found on trains.

By Train

Travelling by train is also popular in Thailand especially that trains leave Bangkok many times a day going to Chiang Mai. You can possibly ride many types of trains including sleeper trains, standard trains and express trains. If you want to travel by sleeper train, you need to get tickets in advance as the rides can sell out especially during holidays. And to reach Chiang Mai, it takes you around 11-15 hours of travel. However, if you’re in a hurry, you can take the bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai as an option.

By Airplane

Chiang Mai is proud of its International airport which brings in flights daily to and from Bangkok and other parts of the world. Obviously, this is the fastest way to reach Chiang Mai and there is more reasons to fly as the air tickets are reasonably priced in Thailand. If you want to travel to and from Bangkok, it will cost you around $50 or 1500 baht.

If you have plans to visit Bangkok and proceed to Chiang Mai, ensure you have searched around for the best commutation to and from Bangkok. You must note that the bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is the best option for commuting especially if you’re on a budget.

Five Must Do Activities In Koh Tao

Koh tao is a beautiful island town in Thailand with a number of tourist attractions. Leisure travellers and tourists to Thailand have Koh Tao in their itinerary to experience the fun of serene beaches and enjoy the various water sports.

There are many stay options in Koh Tao for the tourists. They can opt to stay at the five star hotels and resorts or the beautiful Koh Tao villas, which offer beautiful views of the sea and the mountains. There are a lot of interesting and adventurous activities to indulge in Koh Tao. Here are the top five activities you should not miss.

  1. Learn diving. The beautiful island in Thailand has a number of diving schools that offer short-term courses for diving enthusiasts. You can obtain PADI diving certificates and enjoy diving in the beautiful serene waters. Tourists can also enjoy scuba diving in the beautiful sea.
  2. Enjoy the bustling nightlife in the village. The small village has an interesting nightlife, which attracts youngsters from all over the world. Book your stay with the cosy Koh Tao villas and enjoy the nightlife of the village. The beachside party venues attract huge local and tourist crowds. They are pulsating with loud music and fire dancers.
  3. Relax and chill by the beachside. Koh Tao has beautiful beaches dotted with a number of bars and cafes. Grab your favourite drink and let your worries flow away. You can book your vacation with the luxurious Koh Tao villas and relax in your beautiful villas, while enjoying the beautiful views of beach on one side and of the lush green mountain on the other.
  4. Explore the beautiful island. The island offers stunning views. Stray away from the touristy places and explore the island on your own.
  5. Do not miss visiting the beautiful islands nearby. They offer stunning views and pristine untouched beaches. Visit to Koh Nang Yuan Island is a not to miss activity while vacationing in Koh Tao. Book your stay in the Koh tao villas and enjoy the day trip to Nang Yung. You will enjoy swimming in the amazing beach. Hike to the top of the mountain to enjoy the stunning views.

Some Tips To Increase The Appeal Of Your Outdoor Spa

Enjoy relaxing hydrotherapies at the comfort of your home by investing in a home spa system. There are a variety of spas available like swimming spas and portable spas for home installations. Choose a perfect spa to suit the space available and personal requirements.

If you have a big house with a huge backyard, an outdoor spa is a perfect idea. There are many companies who supply and install outdoor spa in Sydney, who offer many beautiful and attractive spas with the latest features.

However do not forget to keep these points in mind before installing an outdoor spa

  • Check the capacity of your deck. Spas Have a lot of weight and tend to sink in to your deck, if it is not properly reinforced. You should also consider painting your deck with water resistant sealants to protect it from damage and for easy maintenance.
  • Invest in some good sun lounger for your backyard, to relax in after you exit the spa. The sun loungers and pool chairs offer perfect and comfortable seating outside the spa.
  • Select a beautiful spa according to your requirements. The outdoor spa in Sydney are available in a wide range of colours and design finishes. Choose a spa with ergonomic seating arrangement, flexible massage jets. It should offer the perfect warmth and buoyancy to relax all the muscles and joints.
  • Adorn your backyard with aromatic plants and shrubs. This will add a touch of nature around your spa and also help you to block the view. Opt for plants which have scented flowers like roses and Jasmine, which can help you have a session of aroma therapy while relaxing in your spa.
  • Add soothing and calm lighting around your backyard. This will lend a stylish ambience to your spa and also helps you to be safe. Most of the outdoor spas have built-in lighting system.
  • Make arrangements for relaxing music around your spa. You can invest in waterproof speakers and music players to create a perfect setting for a relaxing evening of hydrotherapy.
  • Opt for Gazebo spas, if you want to be able to use the spa all through the year. This type of outdoor spa in Sydney also provides privacy by blocking the view of the spa.

Wedding Fay re To Be Hosted By Itihaas Birmingham

Itihaas is known to be an award-winning restaurant that offers fine dining of Indian cuisine. The restaurant recently announced that they are going to host a luxurious Wedding Fay re which is to be held at the beautiful Stan brook Abbey. The event is expected to be the envy of catering in Northern Beaches as many top wedding suppliers will be attending.

Guests who will attend the event can avail of exclusive discounts given by top wedding suppliers. They also get to enjoy the delicious canapés made by the team of Itihaas. The event is set to for the 25th of February starting at 11 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon.

Aside from the event itself, the venue is going to give guests the chance to see the elegant Stanbrook Abbey from the inside. They will also see its grand exterior, which is the countryside of Worcestershire.

Guests will be able to see a wide array of suppliers of bridal outfit as well as costume jewellery. They will also have a glimpse of the wedding cars they can rent and the packages available for wedding decorations. Couples attending will see a lot of goods that might inspire them to add during their big day.

There are wedding planners available to help couples plan the wedding of their dream – be it as classy as the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle or it can be as luxurious as the wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. There will be deals of the day offered by wedding consultants and coordinators.

Itihaas is located in the city centre of Birmingham at Fleet Street. It is the official wedding catering partner of Stanbrook Abbey when it comes to Asian cuisine.

They are also hired to cater Indian cuisine at events held within West Midlands Safari Park, Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Ricoh Arena.

The restaurant also has their own team of event coordinators who will be available during the Wedding Fayre to assist guests regarding their wedding packages.

Events such as this help business like catering in Northern Beaches to network with other suppliers and to meet clients at the same time.

The Start Of A Bikini Empire Through Export

Bondi Born used to be available only in upmarket sellers located in the Caribbean, America and Europe but now the luxury swimwear brand which is proudly made in Australia can be found in the country. Australians who wishes to wear the label before has to order bikini online because it is not available locally.

In May of 2017, the brand launched three ecommerce websites based in Australia, Europe and United States. Aussie women will now be able to wear something fashionable while on the beach or lounging by the pool.

This is not the usual approach for brands because the company chose to go international instead of focusing on a local level at first. With this method, the brand’s earning ranges from $1 million and $2 million for last year alone.

Bondi Born was created by Dale McCarthy, a businesswoman in Sydney, three years ago in 2015. Looking at her background, she is more inclined in the financial industry and less of the fashion.

She is one of the founding partners at Foundry Group which is a venture capital fund, and she is also Online Marketing Group’s chairman. She is Fairfax Digital’s head of strategy and mergers and acquisition department.

McCarthy created the brand at the time when she was planning to change her career path and focus on something she really loved. She had hoped to create a brand where her passion lies.

She shared that one of the most iconic beaches in the world is Bond and she wanted to spread the beauty of Bondi globally through an upmarket swimwear that is made in Australia. She planned to use only fabrics with exclusive print, linings that are very soft and hardware trims that are made by hand.

McCarthy wanted to change the way people view Australia as a country that can also produce luxury swimwear line. She is proud with her brand because the products are not manufactured in China and the brand focuses on swimwear alone. Before giving people the ability to order bikini online, she focused on exporting swimwear in the United Kingdom and this is when her brand took off and now made a name of its own.