Ten Unique Uses Of Magnets

Magnets are found all around us. They are crucial parts in some of the machines and equipment we use in our everyday life. Magnets are available in a host of shapes and sizes like horse shoe magnets, bar magnets, vinyl-coated magnetic sheets etc. and are found in household machines like televisions, computer hard drives, clocks to complex machinery and equipment like hospital equipment and turbines.

Apart from the use in machinery and equipment, some of the common uses of magnets in Brisbane are

  1. Magnets can be used to locate metal studs in walls.
  2. They can be used to improve the insulation of a home or office and enhance the home heating by sealing off the air-conditioning vents with vinyl-coated magnetic sheets over the steel register faces.
  3. Magnets in Brisbane can be used to search and collect the nails that fell down in grass during a porch repair job. Since magnets attract the metals, it will be quick and easy to collect the nails from the grass.
  4. Magnets help to protect your water heater by preventing corrosion. A magnet should be placed on the fresh water intake pipe to catch the metallic calcium substances in water and prevent them from entering the water heater. Preventing these particles helps to prevent corrosion and extends the life of the water heater.
  5. Magnets in Brisbane can be used to pin up blueprints on to the side or front of a truck
  6. They can be used to hang Polaroid on workbenches.
  7. Walls can be painted with magnetized paint and can be used to create bulletin boards. This will eliminate the use of hooks and pins on the walls and enhances the visual aesthetics of a room.
  8. Magnets can be used to protect the engines of tractors. Place a ceramic magnet in the oil pan of the tract to attract the steel pieces from grinding pistons.
  9. Magnets can be used to clean the metal shavings on the workshop floor.
  10. Tectonic magnets in Brisbane are placed inside the shoes of sportsmen and help them to relive and reduce pain. These magnets act by massaging the acupressure points on the soles of the feet which help to relieve the pain.