Bike Manufacturers Benefit From The Rise In Middle Class Income

People can’t stop wondering why motorcycles continue to be in demand in spite of the presence of new car models. The answer is simple; motorcycles provide the rider a sense of freedom, independence and self sufficiency. When you are riding a Moto Guzzi, you understand what it feels to be in a motorcycle that can efficiently drive through winding turns and hairpin corners.

India has one of the fastest growing economies in Asia and it is creating a new breed of consumers. Back in the early 1990’s, the rise in middle spending has already been anticipated because of a major shift in the labour sector from agriculture to manufacturing and services. However, the challenges of a culturally and geographically diverse population are holding back India towards urbanization.

Nevertheless, consumer-focused sectors are benefitting from the increased levels of discretionary income of the growing middle class. One of the sectors that have been significantly impacted is vehicle ownership. The number of registered motor vehicles in India has increased considerably although there is still room for the passenger vehicle sector to grow.

The market for passenger vehicles in India is still dominated by mopeds and motorcycles because they are more affordable. The moped and motorcycle sector which is 70% of the market is where some quality companies come to fore. Hero MotoCorp claimed 39% of the domestic market share for the two-wheeled vehicles for the 2015-16 financial year. Hero MotoCorp has a significant distribution network with presence in at least 100,000 villages.

Maruti Suzuki is an example of a quality company in the small-car market. It is the dominant player in the market with a market share of 47%. Similar to Hero MotorCorp, it has a substantial distribution network of 1,820 sales outlets across 1,471 cities. These companies are considered very successful in a market that is impenetrable to foreign companies.

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Why Timber Bar Stools Are The Best For Your Home

Timber bar stools are great space savers in a home where space is at a premium. The best bar stools are versatile in nature and causal in style to look cool in your home. However, when you buy bar stools make sure they complement home décor and will not distract from the current setup.

Bar stools have become common items in today’s apartments that have greatly shrunk in size. It is an indispensable household item when entertaining friends or when you want to save on the typical dining room because space does not allow large furniture.

When it comes to making a choice for bar stools, make sure it is not a counter stool. Look closely at the details of the product because counter stools are usually 24” in height and are used on kitchens. Bar stools are taller at 30” and looks more like the stools used in bars. To find the best bar stool, measure the home and figure out the proper height of the item.

The number of stools you are considering might not be the ideal number suited for the home because bar stools have to be spaced apart for comfortable seating. Remember that the bar stools have brackets under it where you place your feet. This requires more space in between the bar stools for comfortable seating.

Design is also an important factor when choosing bat stools. Backless bar stools tend to look sleeker but those with backs are more comfortable particularly if you are buying a stool for the dining room. You do not need a footrest when buying bar stools because it comes with brackets underneath.

It is usually personal preference between a round or square bar stool but round stools take up more space. Consider the countertop when buying bar stools because if the countertop is already colourful, your bar stools must be a little bit more subtle.

You can also match the timber bar stools with the design of your counter top to create a more cohesive theme in your home. When you are buying bar stools online make sure that the website has good reviews which means that customers are happy with quality and design.

Car Wrapping Scam In East Texas

A lot of scams are circulating the internet every day. Craigslist is currently the venue for a car wrapping scam which is looking for victims in Texas. Car wrapping is when your vehicle is covered with advertisements for a certain business.

The scam initially reeled Lyman Bassett in because of the prospect of earning some cash. He found out later on that the deal is a fraud and he was being scammed in the process.

Bassett shared that he does gardening and home improvements for a living. He is also on the hunt for an extra hob thus he posted about his services on the popular site Craigslist. He does not have to wait long before a message got to him.

He shared that all his transactions and conversations from Craigslist is done through text messaging. There was a business who contacted him about subjecting his vehicle for car wrapping service in order to advertise something.

He was expecting a message from someone who requires his services but instead he got an offer to cover his truck with advertisements. Bassett shared that the solicitor did not say anything about the wrap or the advertisement that will be placed but he was already interested at that point. If he agreed to car wrapping then he will be able to get a paycheck every week.

He recounted that the solicitor asked him about the vehicle type that he is driving and after that, a check was already sent to his mail.

He continued that once he received the check, he was instructed to deposit the amount to his personal account. A percentage will then be sent to the person who did the car wrapping service and the rest will be the payment for his first week upon agreeing.

The instruction made Bassett suspicious that he presented it to his local bank and they told him that the whole process presents a red flag.

He discovered that if he followed through with the instruction, $1700 would have been deducted from his own bank account while the check will bounce and no money will be credited to his personal account.

This is why it is important to only deal with authorize car signage in Sydney for any car wrapping services to avoid being scammed.

When Does A Self Employed Plumber Become An Entrepreneur?

There is a big difference between a self-employed plumber and a plumber that has his own business because there is value apart from being directly involved. Both of them are plumbers but the later is superior to the former in terms of business.

For example, if the self-employed plumber decides to retire, he can sell all his tools and equipment; however, it is very doubtful if anyone will be willing to buy the “business.” On the other hand, if he has hired one or two plumbers and spend some time developing best practices that the other plumbers must follow, the plumbing customers gain better experience from the service provided.

In order to differentiate the business from the competitors, the plumbers are asked to wear smart-looking uniforms and made sure they are prompt with appointments. Thank you calls are made after the service has been provided and maintenance contacts are offered to loyal consumers. After years of refining the business, the plumber/owner spends zero time at the field. He stays in the office making sure that the best services are delivered to customers. When the plumber/owner decides to retire, his company has gained a good reputation for excellence in the community. He is selling something of value and the market will be too happy to buy it.

Whether the business is a restaurant or a plumbing company, it is important to delegate some of the responsibilities to others for the business to grow.  A business has different aspects; do what you do best but delegate the rest so that you can spend more time to growing the business.

When the plumber/owner hires another plumber, he multiplies his market. The capacity of the business is increased to service more households. At first, hiring other plumbers will be for assistance but eventually, they will be doing all the plumbing while the plumber/owner joins the entrepreneurial journey.

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Mattress Industry Research And Report


The mattress manufacturing industry specializes in producing high-quality mattresses as well as bases for wholesalers, retailers, hotels, hospitals and the export markets. The mattress manufacturing industry produces innerspring and non-innerspring mattresses as well as box spring type mattresses. The non-innerspring mattresses include waterbeds and also beds that are made from latex and rubber.

The mattress industry trends and analysis

During the past several years, the mattress industry has been slowly slipping down. Industry players were skeptical if they should continue with their business, today thought, mattress manufacturers need not worry as recovery is on its way. The improvement of the household disposable income as well as the recovery and strengthening of the housing market will also drive the sales of mattresses up. The mattress production process has become quicker and leaner. This trend will improve the profit margins of companies engaged in selling mattresses. The US made mattresses has also become increasingly popular and attractive among foreign buyers because of their speedy delivery times. The record of high quality and delivery has continuously attracted and expanded the market in the industry. The input prices is expected to continuously increase but it will be less volatile which will in turn give the manufacturers enough time to prepare in the event of any fluctuations.

Industry report

The geographic distribution of the manufacturers of mattresses usually follows major population centers. This strategy is employed in order to speed up the deliveries of products and reduce the cost of transportation. The region with the largest share in the different establishments of the industry is in the Southeast. It also has the largest share in the population of the country. The Southeast area holds about 25.5 percent of the establishments in the industry and hosts about 27.2 percent of the total US population. The most populous state in the region is Florida with 29 establishments. These competing mattress manufacturing and retailing stores usually offer mattress sale in order to attract more customers to their store. A healthy competition is present in these areas. The second region with the most establishments is in West Lake region while Great Lake comes in third place.