Denis O’Brien Foundations Donate Millions Of Euros For Charity Works

The Iris O’Brien Foundation is founded and managed by Denis O’Brien, a famous Irish philanthropist. He made some donations amounting to €5.5 million in 2017, an amount higher than the €4.4 million that was donated in the previous year.

Dennis O’Brien is one of the richest man in Ireland, who earned a fortune through his telecom business and hosted many other investments.

The total grant giving in 2016 was more than double of the figure in 2014 amounting to €2.7 million which was handed out to charities. The foundation has several limited grant receivers; however, the limited donations was down by €972,000 in 2015 and under €200,000 in 2016.

Noting the accounts, Mr. O’Brien has made a strong commitment to continue current projects with a worth of €2million.

The Iris O’Brien Foundation was initiated in 2000, and have practiced splitting up donations between international and local charities. In 2016, €2.3 million was handed over internationally and €3 million to local causes. It’s actually the same ratio provided in the previous year.

The Foundation has the same address with the headquarters of Denis O’Brien in Ireland at the Grand Canal Quay. They have had very low overheads especially in 2016 which amounted to €5,400.

The foundation’s manager named the institution after his Mom who was another famous philanthropist. Their job was to assist and identify projects for communities in Ireland and other parts of the world which was underprivileged and needed more support. The foundation strongly supports human rights, helping other people affected by calamities, supporting those with physical or mental disabilities, promoting art and educational causes.

Denis O’Brien is also supporter of the Digicel Foundation, which began in 2004. It promotes various projects found in Papa New Guinea, Haiti and Jamaica. Between April and June 2016, their donation reached between $10-million to $25-million for the Clinton Foundation to sustain its mission. The Trump campaign somehow criticized its legitimacy during the American presidential election.

All in all, the two foundations have donated millions of euros to various charity projects to help various people of the world. Denis O’Brien promotes his fundraising campaigns to sustain projects and charity works.

More Funding To Speedup Court Cases And Sentencing

It is very likely that there are victims of crime in Melbourne as well as accused criminals that are being held in Victoria. A $285 million that has been allocated for the recruitment of more judges and prosecutors can ease pressure on the justice system because cases will be heard more quickly. This is only one of the good news; the second is the absence of new taxes in the budget.

In recent years, the courts and prisons in Victoria have been subjected to significant pressure because of the increasing number of people who are incarcerated and arrested. Magistrates are hearing more cases than ever before. Because the number of prisoners who are on remand has increased, greater pressure is placed on corrections.

The budget includes $128.9 million for building the court’s capacity including the recruitment of a new Supreme Court judge, two new County Court judges and 18 new magistrates. Most of the load in courts includes bails and sentencing that is why investments are necessary for the police and changes in the laws. The government is making an investment so that courts will be able to deal with the load.

Of the 18 magistrates, 3 will be working on new specialist bail and remand court. Aside from the regular court hours, an evening session will run from 4 in the afternoon up to 9 in the evening. This is a win-win situation for victims of crime because if more resources are provided to the prosecution, cases will move more quickly.

The criminal justice system is under extreme pressure because of recent police activities and justice initiatives. Police prosecutors have a stronger voice on behalf of the victims and the broader community.  It is critical for the voice to be heard without the unmanageable burden of excessive workloads and stress.

Financial assistance is provided by Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT) to victims of crime in Melbourne for medical injuries, pain and sufferings and loss of earnings due to offense. The purpose of VOCAT is to assist victims during their recovery and provide assistance when they seek compensation through the criminal court where the offender will be sentenced.

Why Choose A Convenient Hotel In Sukhumvit?

An estimated 16 million people from around the world come to Thailand every year. A convenient hotel in Sukhumvit has benefited a lot from these earnings. The income earned by Thailand’s tourism is estimated at around 7% of its GDP with a rising amount of money used up on boutique hotels. It seems like many of these travellers are happy with the comparatively low standard service offered by huge hotels. It’s a fact that many of these hotels are able to fill up their rooms and that they have standards that make their hotel more lucrative. Actually, it’s the customer that suffers the result, and since boutique hotels in Bangkok are in demand, regular hotels feel this tough competition.

Lack of Hotel Room Space: Many tourists love to see what’s in store for them in Thailand. As a result, many hotels squeeze in their guests into their limited number of hotel rooms. Many hotels in Bangkok are poorly designed and sadly inadequate. Especially during busy seasons, chaos arises in mistakes made in bookings, some overcharging, and inefficiency in service, which are the real problems of the industry. A convenient hotel in Sukhumvit faces no such problems are they are designed to provide comfort and peacefulness to their guests. The facilities offered by this boutique hotel is more than enough for all their guests; hence, there is less overcrowding.

Freedom to Choose: If you book in a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit, you are guaranteed that there is a room most suited for you and your companions. You don’t need to wait in long queues just to have that space suited for your needs. If there is something you need during your stay in this hotel, a warm and friendly staff member will be more than willing to help you. This hotel is noted to provide first class service and will continue to keep their good name.

You will surely love the charm that boutique hotels in Thailand can offer. You’ll be provided with a room that you’ve never experienced in Bangkok. Even if you’re in a budget, there will always be a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit that’s appropriate for your needs. Note that the boutique hotel experience can be something that everyone can afford.

Knowing The Uses Of An Industrial PC, Its Benefits And Drawbacks

The industrial PC has been existing for over four decades now, where the computer is recognised to provide many benefits for manufacturing industries as much as it does for offices. Industrial computers are designed to work like a standard desktop computer but are sturdier and stronger.

The industrial computer is designed in many forms like the panel PCs that combine a PC and screen together, the rack-mountable industrial computer that position in server racks, and solid state industrial computers that have few to no moving parts.

An industrial PC has been innovated from a factory floor and all other types of industrial computers can provide a contained environment for the electronic setup to endure the harshness of a plant floor.

Running industrial computers on the factory floor provide many different advantages. They are reliable and can resist extreme dust and water. However, they can be very inflexible despite being durable.

As a requirement, most industrial computers are innovated with reliability; hence, they need to use tried and tested elements. While they can be extremely reliable, the industrial PC lacks the memory and processing capabilities that a typical desktop computer has.

Another drawback of industrial computers is having them virtually impossible to upgrade. If the users require more processing or memory, they need to purchase a new industrial computer for this purpose. They can also cause problems especially when they fail and need repair. If the machine will malfunction, then it creates a major impact to the production. A user will need to contact a service engineer.

One great solution to modify the industrial computer is to utilise a standard desktop machine and enclose it in a waterproof and dustproof computer enclosure. These enclosures will absolutely protect the standard industrial PC plus some supplemented bonus of flexibility.

With this computer enclosure, you can select what PC specification to use in the industrial environment. You can also upgrade the computer at your own pace. You can easily replace or repair the device without having to call a service engineer. It is cost efficient and can even be used in other machines. Your information technology will last longer with industrial PC enclosure.

Best Nation For Startup Businesses Goes To Thailand

According to a survey conducted by the United States News and World Report, Thailand took the top spot after being voted among a list of countries that were considered Best Counties to Start a Business. This is the second consecutive year that Thailand took the number one spot among 80 other nations included on the list. It is high time that businesses start their company registration in Thailand in order to be legally recognized.

Sontirat Sontijirawong, the minister of commerce, said at the beginning of this year that the United States medic company conducted a separate survey regarding the 25 Best Countries to Invest In. It turns out that Thailand took the number eight spot on the said list.

He said that the main reason why the ranking of Thailand is better than before in the two categories can be attributed to the action taken by the Commerce Ministry. It is when the department decided to reduce the number of redtapes needed in order for startup businesses to register in the country. In turn, the expenses shouldered by the businesses operators during the registration process are also lower.

The survey made by the firm is based on the answers of the 21,000 participants coming from different parts of the globe.

The World Bank explained that in order for a business to legally operate in Thailand, the process will only take an average of five days. There are more opportunities presented to entrepreneurs who wanted to enter the business scene because the density in the country is among the lowest in Southeast Asia.

Regarding the ranking report released by United States News and World Report concerning the list if Best Countries to Start a Business, businesses with foreigners as the biggest stake holders are required to follow the Foreign Business Act. This means that while company registration in Thailand is easy, their operations are restricted because of the said act. One of the restrictions indicated is the manufacturing of rice as well as matters concerning the tourism of the country. At the end of the day, foreign entrepreneurs think that Thailand is a good place conduct business therefore the improvement in the ranking.

Restrictions Over Discussions On Reverse Mortgage

It is relatively simple to receive reverse mortgage quotes but seniors have to ensure that all questions have been answered to make a confident decision. In the financial services industry, there are restrictions on any discussions involving reverse mortgage quotes. In fact, according to a LinkedIn post, a financial advisor was recently fined by his company’s compliance department because he recommended reverse mortgage to his client.

Zach Alkhamis is a financial adviser of Retirement Wealth Management Group that assists clients in Kalamazoo, Michigan in managing their finances.Alkhamis has purportedly directed a client to local reverse mortgage specialist so that the client can gain information about the financial tool. Alkhamis was cc’d in the specialist’s emails that included a proposal for reverse mortgage. Months later, the email to Alkhamiswas flagged aftera routine inspection.

According to Alkhamis, who is also a fiduciary and Certified Financial Planner, he will continue to discuss reverse mortgage with clients in spite of the $350 fine. He knows that the product can help his clients enjoy a better retirement. However, Alkhamis vows to be very careful in leaving a paper trail because a second citation can end his relationship with the broker-dealer group.

The story of Alkhmais has ignited a series of discussions among industry professionals, many of whom have shared their experiences on compliance shutdown. They have expressed their frustrations over the widespread institutional roadblocks in the financial planning community.

According to Shelley Giordano of Funding Longevity Task Force, discussions on housing wealth in retirement planning are forbidden. Instead of formulating policies and procedures so that clients can use their housing wealth prudently, compliance officers want a total blackout on reverse mortgage discussions. Financial planning companies are worried that their employees are not trained and knowledgeable on reverse mortgage to allow them to engage in serious discussions.

Reverse mortgage in its simplest definition is a financial tool that allows seniors to access their home equity and convert it to cash. The senior retains ownership of the home as long as they continue to pay for insurance and taxes. You can receive reverse mortgage quotes today and know how much money you quality for.