Adelaide Troubled With Pest Spiders

It might be a busy season for the pest control on the Lower North Shore because this is the best months for many pests. In the case of residents in Adelaide, they are currently having trouble with a number of spiders such as the white-tailed, redbacks and huntsman. This is because these species of spider finds the early autumn weather to be the best time to breed.

Your chances of getting bitten by a spider increases during this time of the year. In the case of the white-tailed spiders, they usually hang around inside the house and cling in clothing and towels. If you are worried about the white-tailed consuming you whole, experts have already disproved the rumours going around that they are eating human flesh though they do bite. According to studies, the worst thing that a bite from white-tailed spider could cause is an itchy red spot which could swell as well as feel like burning.

A pest control based in Salisbury East shared that the white-tailed spiders are more prevalent because the recently concluded winter was damp and the spring was also wet. This is the reason why they were able to breed more especially in the north and the northeastern part of the region. The weather was wet and did not dry up until the holidays.

One pest control company in the area admitted that they are receiving between five and ten calls everyday concerning spiders. It is not only white-tailed that is the problem but almost all breeds. Their favourite hiding spot are the bark garden beds and they also like to nest inside the house.

Another company said it was not usual for them to be called back by a previous client after treating their home to rid of spiders but this is actually happening now. While the prevalence of spiders is bad news for homeowners, it is good news for the pest control business in the area because of the considerable increase in the number of clients.

This is why companies of pest control on the Lower North Shore are already preparing for various pests that could come out this summer because of the changing weather.