Political And Economic Cooperation Between Thailand And Africa

According to Krekpan Roekchamnong, the director general of the Foreign Ministry’s South Asia, Middle East and Africa Affairs Department, the relationship between Thailand and Africa is entering a new phase of concrete development. Mr. Krekpan is optimistic regarding the prospects for cooperation with Africa nations by way of positive developments even if some officials do not see evidence of progress.

The director general will be leading a Thai delegation to Ethiopia and Ghana for the exploration of new ways to enhance economic and political cooperation through the Focus Group Program. The trip will be scheduled between April and June.

After the establishment of a Thai embassy in Maputo in June last year, the first-ever Senior Official Meeting between Thailand and Mozambique will be hosted by Africa in July in order to continue with the momentum of existing cordial relationships. The establishment of a Thai embassy is a sign of commitment to Mozambique.

Russ Jalichandra, the first Thai envoy to Mozambique is confident of Thailand’s growth with Africa through several avenues of expansion and cooperation between the two nations. Because Mozambique is a hub for logistics in Southern Africa, there is a window of opportunity for trade and investment in the region, however, Thailand is not only focused in reaping its own economic benefits. Thailand wants to help the locals in striving for sustainable development. Thailand will teach the locals rice cultivation, aquaculture and beekeeping where they have extensive knowledge and experience.

The late king of Thailand’s sufficiency economic philosophy which is based on prudence and moderation has been shared to communities of Mozambique and other South African countries like Lesotho and Swaziland. The biggest challenges that Thailand experience in Africa include poverty, lack of know-how and lack of basic infrastructures because of the Portuguese colonial era and the civil war that lasted for 16 years.

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Possible Effects Of Trump Policies On Thailand’s Export Sector

In Thailand, business leaders have different views regarding the impact of Trump’s presidency; however, the majority is expecting some effects on international trade. According to the chairman of Thailand’s Chamber of Commerce, Isara Vongkusolkit, the main concern of the private sector is about the possible changes in US international policy but they are still hoping that Trump will understand the proper ways to deal with international trade considering that he is a veteran businessman.

Mr. Isara has predicted that Trump’s triumph will have an insignificant effect on Thai exports because any plans for the US to shut its doors on imports are not feasible. Nonetheless, Thai operators and exporters must have to be prepared for any possible changes including looking for import opportunities in new markets like Africa, Iran and Pakistan.

According to the president of The Thai National Shippers Council, Nopporn Thepsittha, the victory of Trump may create some turbulence in world trade during the first and second quarters of 2017. This may add to the impact of Britain’s departure from the European Union. Should Trump revamp several trade and investment policies to strengthen small and medium-sized businesses, it can boost the US economy rapidly and it will mean increased shipment of Thai exports to the US.

The policy of Trump to protect American interests will give Thailand an opportunity to avoid joining the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership, one of policies that Trump wants to ignore. On the other hand, if relationships with Russia and China will be improved under Trump’s administration, the global trade climate will be relatively better.

Trump’s victory was really surprising for the whole world considering his highly unusual policy positions. Thai exporters have to prepare for any negative impacts and look for new markets as substitute for the United States. In terms of tourism, the Trump win has no impact because American tourists are small in number compared to Asia and Europe.

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Legislation To Regulate Self-Storage


The County Council in Anne Arundel County in Maryland is considering legislating that will regulate self-storage, like in storage Leeds. The bill will be called anti-competition as the county executive’s office call it.

Council Chairman Jerry Walker introduces the bill. It would force commercial locations to require four acres of land in planning to build self-storage facilities instead of just two acres.

The reason for doing so is that Walker believes that it is not proper for C2, a commercial zoning indicator, to be a destination for self-storage facilities. C2, as he believes, is a retail type zone. For him, self-storage cannot be considered as retail.

However, Walker admitted that parcels of land available for self-storage facilities would be limited by the bill especially when the locations are zoned as C2. Walker also said that the limited land available won’t necessarily affect jobs because the self-storage facilities would still have the same number of employees regardless of their size. Moreover, he also said that these facilities don’t create as much jobs as other businesses that require smaller land areas.

The bill was debated last July 6. Councilman Derek Fink asking why the council should pass a bill that would discourage businesses showed strong opposition to the bill. He even argued some self-storage officials, who support the bill.

The officials that supported the bill believes that the bill offers great assistance to the smaller facilities in the commercial areas as it would prevent the larger ones from taking over the properties.

However, Fink believes that such legislation would tend to prevent potential competition among self-storage facilities. The county executive also supports Fink’s opposition to the bill echoing the same reasons as told by Owen McEvoy, the County Executive office spokesman. He also said that it would make it harder for companies to find other parcels of land which are available and eligible for self-storage facilities.

The council will also vote on a legislation that would impose a special community benefit tax for the Pines in the Severn Community. Such tax is imposed to help Pines to be able to repay a loan to restore trees that have been cut down.