How A Convenient Hotel In Sukhumvit Can Take You Easily To The Red Light Districts?

One of the most popular hotels are in and around Sukhumvit in the city of Bangkok. Why you can always find a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit is for the reason that two of Bangkok’s renowned red light districts – the Soi Cowboy and Nana – are found here.

Soi Cowboy is a neon-light filled street with many go-go bars like Rawhide and Long Gun. Nana is famed for the Nana Entertainment Plaza, which is a four-storey building filled with go-go bars surrounding an open bar. The red light districts are one attraction among male tourists who come to the city for thrills and fun.

So if you’re out to see Soi Cowboy and Nana, you’re also out to stay in a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit for your accommodation. The hotel can be guest friendly which means they don’t charge you for anything when a guest joins you in your hotel room. Some male guests bring a companion like a prostitute back to their room. There are also transsexuals who join their gay male clients to their hotel rooms.

Most of the city’s guest friendly hotels are centred aroundSukhumvit. Each hotel can range from 5-star international hotels to low-priced budget guesthouses. For non-guest friendly hotels, they usually charge a joiner fee of 500 baht to 1500 baht. So be aware if you’re booked in a non-guest friendly hotel as it will badly hurt your pockets.

If you check a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit, here you’ll find male tourists wanting to visit the Nana and Soi Cowboy districts and get some fun and thrills with the girls working at go-go bars. To ensure safety when you bring in your new friend, have them submit a Thai identification card for security reasons. The guards watching the hotel may ask few questions about your companion, so be ready to respond to them. This will also assure you that your companion for the night won’t steal anything while you’re showering or sleeping.

To ensure that you are well accommodated in a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit, you may need to book yourself in advance before you come to Bangkok. This will ensure that you have an appropriate accommodation to suit your budget, preference and needs.

Trending Interior Design Concepts In Bangkok

Homes in Bangkok are moving towards new design trends in this year. Though the main emphasis of interior design is in designing comfortable spaces, the trend is moving towards sustainability. The designs are moving away from plain white walls and simple interiors to more pronounced design that showcases the special qualities of the home along with being earthy and sustainable. The design trend is leaning towards a sustainable living close to nature.

Here are some of the latest trends for interior design in Bangkok, preferred by many of the architects and interior designers.

·         Wood

The latest trend in interior design in Bangkok homes is using wood to show-off. Wooden furniture like dining tables and bookracks are used as focal points in the entire scheme of design. However, the trend is to use wood in its raw and unfinished state for a more close to the nature feel.

·         Using earth colour tones

More and more designers are using earthy tones like reds, oranges and yellows for a warm and cosy feel. The emphasis is to get the right shade or else the home will look too bright.

·         Suede and velvet upholstery

One of the latest trends in interior design in Bangkok is the use of soft and luxurious suede or velvet upholstery. A suede sofa looks classy and enhances the visual aesthetics of the room. Using suede and velvet sofas and cushions makes a room welcoming and exudes a relaxing vibe.

·         Metal furniture

Simple and elegant metal furniture with clean lines and edges is in trend. The simple furniture adds elegance to the space without looking over the top.

·         Simple window dressings

Since the emphasis is on comfortable and sustainable homes, the window dressings should be neat and simple. Use plain curtains or wooden blinds in light shades to complement the earthy design of the interiors. If privacy is not an issue, you can also choose to leave the windows bare.

·         Natural materials in décor

Maintaining the earthy theme of the interior, the interior design in Bangkok leans towards using natural materials in the décor too. Use materials like natural wood, granite, marble and concrete for the décor. This will not only look trendy but is also sustainable. You can use granite platform in your kitchen or create a feature wall using concrete and other materials.

Ten Unique Uses Of Magnets

Magnets are found all around us. They are crucial parts in some of the machines and equipment we use in our everyday life. Magnets are available in a host of shapes and sizes like horse shoe magnets, bar magnets, vinyl-coated magnetic sheets etc. and are found in household machines like televisions, computer hard drives, clocks to complex machinery and equipment like hospital equipment and turbines.

Apart from the use in machinery and equipment, some of the common uses of magnets in Brisbane are

  1. Magnets can be used to locate metal studs in walls.
  2. They can be used to improve the insulation of a home or office and enhance the home heating by sealing off the air-conditioning vents with vinyl-coated magnetic sheets over the steel register faces.
  3. Magnets in Brisbane can be used to search and collect the nails that fell down in grass during a porch repair job. Since magnets attract the metals, it will be quick and easy to collect the nails from the grass.
  4. Magnets help to protect your water heater by preventing corrosion. A magnet should be placed on the fresh water intake pipe to catch the metallic calcium substances in water and prevent them from entering the water heater. Preventing these particles helps to prevent corrosion and extends the life of the water heater.
  5. Magnets in Brisbane can be used to pin up blueprints on to the side or front of a truck
  6. They can be used to hang Polaroid on workbenches.
  7. Walls can be painted with magnetized paint and can be used to create bulletin boards. This will eliminate the use of hooks and pins on the walls and enhances the visual aesthetics of a room.
  8. Magnets can be used to protect the engines of tractors. Place a ceramic magnet in the oil pan of the tract to attract the steel pieces from grinding pistons.
  9. Magnets can be used to clean the metal shavings on the workshop floor.
  10. Tectonic magnets in Brisbane are placed inside the shoes of sportsmen and help them to relive and reduce pain. These magnets act by massaging the acupressure points on the soles of the feet which help to relieve the pain.

Six Simple Tips To Keep Healthy Eyes

Eyes are an important sense organ. They help us to appreciate the beauty of the world and lead a happy life. Most of us take eyes for granted and do not take proper care of them, which results in a lot of eye diseases and eye problems.

Here are some of the easy tips advised by eye doctor in Sutherland for a prefect vision and to keep your eyes healthy and problem free

  1. It is essential to eat healthy to maintain good eyesight. Healthy food consisting of proper nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin C and zinc helps to keep away from eye problems such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Include green leafy vegetables, fish, eggs, nuts, legumes, beans and citrus fruits in your diet.
  2. Smoking is injurious to eye health. Smoking damages the optic nerve and might lead to macular degeneration, cataracts and many other problems. If you are unable to quit smoking, take advice from your doctor or health practitioner.
  3. Wear good quality sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Select good quality glasses from reputed companies. You can take the advice of your eye doctor in Sutherland about picking up the right sunglasses.
  4. Use safety glasses if your profession involves exposure to harmful materials. Wear full face masks and sports goggles while playing risky sports to avoid eye injuries which may permanently damage the eyesight.
  5. Limit your exposure to computer and mobile screens. Long exposure to the bright screens causes blurry vision, eyestrain, dry eyes, headaches and eye irritation. If your profession involves using computer for long durations, consult an eye doctor in Sutherland for protective glasses. Rest your eyes by looking away from the screen regularly and blink more often to reduce the dryness in eyes.
  6. Last but most important tip to keep eyes healthy is to have regular eye check-up. Visit your eye doctor in Sutherland at regular intervals for routine eye check-ups. Regular eye check-up helps to diagnose the diseases like glaucoma at early stages and treat them. Even children should be taken for regular eye check-ups to maintain the health of the eyes and have good eyesight for many years.

Water For Framers In Drought-Stricken North South Wales

Caringbah is a suburb in the state of North South Wales, Australia. You will find a mixture of commercial, residential and industrial areas. In the commercial district, you will find small businesses that include Caringbah café, a quiet space to enjoy delicious cakes, light lunches and barista-made coffee.

However, drought has become so serious in New South Wales that farmers are accessing the new local swimming pool for water. Last week, the 8-lane outdoor pool was filled with water to test for leaks but Gunnedah Mayor James Chaffey is offering the water so that it won’t go to waste. The water is not potable but it can be useful for farmers and primary producers. The mayor knows that this water is just a drop in the ocean but he doesn’t want it to simply go down the drain.

Local officials across the drought-stricken areas in NSW are maximizing water saving measures with free water provided for stock and domestic use. Meanwhile, the Federal government is currently holding national talks on drought assistance.

The situation is North South Wales is very serious because almost 100% of the state is either in drought, on drought watch or currently experiencing the beginning of drought. At least 57% of Queensland is also experiencing drought. Discussions focus on long term drought policies and strategies as well as the building resilience and drought preparedness during climate changes.

Those who are experiencing financial hardships can apply for Farm Household Allowance (FHA) that is equivalent to an unemployment benefit. Rural financing counsellors will help the farmers in completing the FHA application.

Other organizations like North South Wales Country Women’s Organization are also offering direct assistance. Emergency grants worth $3,000 from the disaster relief fund are offered for groceries, car maintenance and household and medical bills. Big banks are also being encouraged to help farmers manage both good and bad years.

To relive the stress faced with lack of water in North South Wales, you can relax at Caringbah café and grab a cup of coffee and cake. You can also give yourself that well deserved treat with 2 scones filled with jam and cream and a pot of tea.

Seven Tips To Take Care Of Your Car And Improve Its Functioning

Taking care of the car is very important to keep it functioning at its optimum efficiency and to maintain the curb value. Here are some quick tips to help you to take good care of your vehicle.

  • Clean both the outside and inside of the car once every month. It is very important to keep the car clean neat and tidy to keep the auto parts functioning effectively. Vacuum the interior of the car and wash the exterior with car wash.
  • It is recommended to replace the engine oil of the car regularly. The owner’s manual of the car contains information about the recommended time for oil change. Choose a good brand of oil recommended by your trusted auto parts mechanic.
  • Check the tyre pressure regularly. You should check it before going on long drives or at least once every month. Driving with incorrect tyre pressure will cause a lot of problems like difficulty in breaking, lack of proper stability and grip, increased fuel consumption and may also lead to serious accidents. Visit your neighborhood mechanic and get the tyres rotated regularly as mentioned in the owner’s manual.
  • Get the brakes pad checked regularly. It is very essential to have properly functioning braking system for the safety of the drivers and passengers in the car and also other motorists on the road. In case of any problems replace the braking system with a new one bought from a trusted dealer in auto parts.
  • Clean the mirrors regularly as they are essential for good driving. The front and rear view mirrors should be neat and clean to provide you good view of the road.
  • Maintaining the interiors of the car is required to increase the curb value of the car. Vacuum it regularly and wash the seat covers and floor mats to keep the interiors fresh and avoid the build-up of grime and dust.
  • Clean the air filter regularly and change it as mentioned in the manual of the car. An air filter is like the lungs of the car. An unclean air filter will affect the acceleration, cause damage to the combustion chamber and may cause engine failure. Invest in good quality air filters from trusted and reliable dealers of auto parts.