Must Do Activities For Tourists In Bangkok

Bangkok, the city of angels is popular as a tourist destination. The city is famous for shopping, nightlife and the street food. There are a number of temples and other tourist attractions in the city to keep the tourists engaged for a few days. Apart from the city, there are a number of must-visit places in the nearby provinces too.

Tourists to Bangkok prefer to stay at a 4 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit as the area is well connected to the other parts of the city through BTS and MRT. Moreover, Sukhumvit is a cosmopolitan neighbourhood of Bangkok with the best hotels offering luxurious amenities.

Here is a list of some of the must visit places in Bangkok

The Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun

The Grand Palace of the Royal Palace is a major attraction to visit in Bangkok. The palace is not used by the royal family as is used to conduct state functions. Tourists are free to explore the open ground and temples in the palace. Visit the palace to admire the architecture and craftsmanship. Wat pho is just a leisurely stroll down the street from the palace. The temple is popular for the reclining Buddha and the Golden Buddha. Wat Arun is the temple of the dawn and offers spectacular views of the city from across the river.

River Cruise

Tourists can take a relaxing and beautiful ride in a water taxi on the Chao Phraya River. The river cruise offers breath-taking views of the city landscape. You can have a glimpse of the important temples and other landmarks situated on the River Banks.

Floating market of Bangkok

Tourists can visit the famous floating markets of Thailand. There are two popular floating markets in Bangkok that sell souvenirs, handicrafts, fruits, and freshly cooked Thai delicacies.


Bangkok has a number of shopping malls, which house retail stores of luxury brands and designers. Tourists can stay at the 4 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit and easily visit these malls as most of them like, Terminal 21 and Emporium are located close to Sukhumvit.

Experience the nightlife

Tourists have to experience the throbbing nightlife of the city for a complete Bangkok experience. Sukhumvit is a happening place in the city with a number of restaurants, pubs, night clubs and rooftop bars.  Most of the 4 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit have their own rooftop bars and restaurants offering the choicest menus for the guests.

Why Choose A Convenient Hotel In Sukhumvit?

An estimated 16 million people from around the world come to Thailand every year. A convenient hotel in Sukhumvit has benefited a lot from these earnings. The income earned by Thailand’s tourism is estimated at around 7% of its GDP with a rising amount of money used up on boutique hotels. It seems like many of these travellers are happy with the comparatively low standard service offered by huge hotels. It’s a fact that many of these hotels are able to fill up their rooms and that they have standards that make their hotel more lucrative. Actually, it’s the customer that suffers the result, and since boutique hotels in Bangkok are in demand, regular hotels feel this tough competition.

Lack of Hotel Room Space: Many tourists love to see what’s in store for them in Thailand. As a result, many hotels squeeze in their guests into their limited number of hotel rooms. Many hotels in Bangkok are poorly designed and sadly inadequate. Especially during busy seasons, chaos arises in mistakes made in bookings, some overcharging, and inefficiency in service, which are the real problems of the industry. A convenient hotel in Sukhumvit faces no such problems are they are designed to provide comfort and peacefulness to their guests. The facilities offered by this boutique hotel is more than enough for all their guests; hence, there is less overcrowding.

Freedom to Choose: If you book in a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit, you are guaranteed that there is a room most suited for you and your companions. You don’t need to wait in long queues just to have that space suited for your needs. If there is something you need during your stay in this hotel, a warm and friendly staff member will be more than willing to help you. This hotel is noted to provide first class service and will continue to keep their good name.

You will surely love the charm that boutique hotels in Thailand can offer. You’ll be provided with a room that you’ve never experienced in Bangkok. Even if you’re in a budget, there will always be a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit that’s appropriate for your needs. Note that the boutique hotel experience can be something that everyone can afford.

Major Tourist Attractions In Bangkok

Central Plaza Rama 9 is a high-end shopping complex that combines entertainment and lifestyle. The project is situated in the Ratchadapisek area on the intersection of Rama lX and Ratchadapisek roads. The shopping plaza has direct access to the MRT underground’s Rama lX station from the basement level. The huge shopping complex has seven stories and houses around 300 shops along with restaurants, cafes, entertainment zones and Cineplex.

Tourists to Bangkok can book a hotel near Central Rama 9 and enjoy the many other attractions surrounding the mall. The area is well connected to all the other parts of the city through MRT and BTS and has some of the best tourist and entertainment attractions in close vicinity.

Some of the attraction near Central Rama 9

  • Baiyoke sky Hotel – The tallest hotel in Thailand features 88 stories. The roof of the hotel has a revolving roof deck which offers panoramic views of the Bangkok skyline. The views are amazing from the revolving deck. The revolving roof has a roof deck, observation deck and dining options. The revolving deck is a famous attraction in Bangkok and draws tourists from all over, who are mesmerized with the breath-taking views of the city. Book a hotel near Central Rama 9 and enjoy the mesmerizing 360 degree sky view from the revolving deck of Baiyoke sky hotel.
  • Sea life Bangkok Ocean world – Tourists can visit the largest aquarium in South East Asia at the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World. The aquarium is vast and covers around 110,000 sq.ft area and houses hundreds of exotic and rare species of marine life. Book a hotel near central Rama 9 and enjoy visiting this beautiful aquarium.
  • Dusit Zoo – The oldest zoo in Thailand located next to the parliament house and Dusit Palace. The zoo is home to approximately 1600 species of animals ranging from domestic animals to endangered species like royal Bengal White Tigers and albino barking deer. The Zoo has entertainment facilities and rides for children. Boat peddling and sightseeing train are the two modes of exploring this huge zoo park. Book a hotel near Central Rama 9 and reach the park easily through the mass transit options.

The central Rama 9 area has many other amazing tourist attractions. Travellers should prefer to book a hotel near Central Rama 9 for easy access to the shopping mall and many other interesting places in the vicinity.

What You Should Know About Kanchanaburi River Resort

The biggest among the western provinces in Thailand is Kanchanaburi and its capital is the Kanchanaburi city. It’s actually a renowned resort town, which has become a major tourist destination. It’s long history and ancient civilization will offer an intriguing experience among first-time and repeat visitors. It’s known internationally for the Bridge over the River Kwai, where it is a scene of the historic World War II. There are also waterfalls, caves, mountains and forests to see. It has countless national parks situated in the forests with one included in the UNESCO world heritage list. If excited to see all these, you need to be booked in a Kanchanaburi river resort for accommodation.

The River Kwai Bridge week is celebrated yearly around the end of November till the start of December. It shows the importance of the Death Railway and the Bridge over the River Kwai, which took place in World War II. Visitors to the city will see light and sound shows, entertaining activities, booths of products, folk performances, and archaeological and historical exhibitions. Book in advance for a Kanchanaburi river resort to prepare for the celebration.

Kanchanaburi is only two hours away from Bangkok and can be reached through road or rail. Day trips are available on public holidays and weekends. If you travel by a weekend special train, it can include sightseeing and enjoyable adventures to the town. The climate in Kanchanaburi has been cooled down by the altitudes, rivers and forests, even if it’s warm in the nearby city.

If you are out to travel to Kanchanaburi, you will definitely feel relaxed by watching the riverbanks, from a riverside restaurant, or inside a raft house. Many travellers want to rest along the river while reading a great book and cold drink. Many of them like to stay for a few days to explore the attractions in the nearby countryside. There are also popular activities for travellers to include golfing, water rafting and elephant trekking. If you love nature, Kanchanaburi is the right place to enjoy it. And you’ll love to stay in a Kanchanaburi river resort for peace and relaxation.

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Thailand Reaches Its Tourism Goal With The 34th Millionth Visitor

For business and leisure travellers to Bangkok, one of the best decisions they can make is to book at a Bangkok hotel near embassy because of its convenient location. Aside its proximity to embassies, the Bangkok hotel is conveniently located in the city centre and near a multitude of attractions. Fast and easy journeys are also allowed through BTS  Sky train Phloen Chit Station.

Tourists from China and neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia are the typical visitors of Bangkok as well as the other islands in Thailand. However, a new record number of Americans have visited the Land of Smiles in 2017. One million American visitors have been recorded on the day that Thailand welcomed its 34th million visitor for the year. This makes sense because Americans have positive feelings about their stay in Thailand.

The lucky one millionth American visitor is Nathaniel Alexander Way, a pharmaceutical scientist from Santa Barbara, California. According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Nathaniel and his bride decided on Bangkok as the location for their honeymoon. However, there were no reports whether Nathaniel’s bride was the 999,999th or 1,000,001stAmerican visitor to the country.

According to TanesPetsuwan, Deputy Marketing Governor of TAT, it was the first time that Thailand welcomed the first ever one millionth American visitor for the year 2017. This is also a step forward for the Thai tourism industry in its goal to expand the US market by offering unlimited Thai local experiences.

TAT has been promoting Thailand in the United States as an exotic and luxury destination for couples on their honeymoon and travellers who have big budgets. Thailand is considered as an inexpensive destination in Southeast Asia. TAT also aims to encourage Europeans to consider Thailand as their far-flung travel destination. With the arrival of the 34th millionth visitor, TAT has exceeded its goal for the year.

Tourists have spent approximately US$50 billion in Thailand this year. Most tourist-oriented industries like Bangkok hotel near embassy are among the reasons behind the successful tourism year. Hotels offer numerous benefits for direct bookings and secret benefits through the hotel website. There are special promotions and packages and great savings for families.