Denis O’Brien Foundations Donate Millions Of Euros For Charity Works

The Iris O’Brien Foundation is founded and managed by Denis O’Brien, a famous Irish philanthropist. He made some donations amounting to €5.5 million in 2017, an amount higher than the €4.4 million that was donated in the previous year.

Dennis O’Brien is one of the richest man in Ireland, who earned a fortune through his telecom business and hosted many other investments.

The total grant giving in 2016 was more than double of the figure in 2014 amounting to €2.7 million which was handed out to charities. The foundation has several limited grant receivers; however, the limited donations was down by €972,000 in 2015 and under €200,000 in 2016.

Noting the accounts, Mr. O’Brien has made a strong commitment to continue current projects with a worth of €2million.

The Iris O’Brien Foundation was initiated in 2000, and have practiced splitting up donations between international and local charities. In 2016, €2.3 million was handed over internationally and €3 million to local causes. It’s actually the same ratio provided in the previous year.

The Foundation has the same address with the headquarters of Denis O’Brien in Ireland at the Grand Canal Quay. They have had very low overheads especially in 2016 which amounted to €5,400.

The foundation’s manager named the institution after his Mom who was another famous philanthropist. Their job was to assist and identify projects for communities in Ireland and other parts of the world which was underprivileged and needed more support. The foundation strongly supports human rights, helping other people affected by calamities, supporting those with physical or mental disabilities, promoting art and educational causes.

Denis O’Brien is also supporter of the Digicel Foundation, which began in 2004. It promotes various projects found in Papa New Guinea, Haiti and Jamaica. Between April and June 2016, their donation reached between $10-million to $25-million for the Clinton Foundation to sustain its mission. The Trump campaign somehow criticized its legitimacy during the American presidential election.

All in all, the two foundations have donated millions of euros to various charity projects to help various people of the world. Denis O’Brien promotes his fundraising campaigns to sustain projects and charity works.