Earn From Wrapify For Displaying Ads Through Car Wrapping

A new startup company called Wrapify is willing to pay car owners if they allow their cars to be wrapped with advertisement. The company has received a seed funding worth $3 million. Basically, the company creates a two-way online marketplace wherein car owners can list their cars if they want to earn extra on the side and they will be matched with companies that are looking for a new way to advertise their brand. This current trend of car wrapping is also common as car signs in Brisbane either used by companies on their own fleet.

Drivers who are eligible for the campaign will present their car. Installation of the wrap and removal are both free. Drivers can earn an average of $450 every month for the entire campaign. The seed funding received by Wrapify came from Avery Dennison which is a global manufacturer that specializes in adhesive materials.

The good coincidence is that the manufacturer of the wrap used by Wrapify on the cars is Avery Dennison. Aside from the seed funding they have provided, the company has also given Wrapify exclusive use of their latest adhesive wrap using new technology that allows the wrap to be installed and removed faster which is suitable for Wrapify’s purpose of wrapping for only a short time. With the investment, they will be able to benefit from the wrap technology that will help the startup company to do their job more effectively.

The new investment will be utilized by Wrapify to increase the current sales of the company as well as fund its engineering teams. They are also planning to create more features to cater to its brand focused portal.

Brands will be able to see the total number of cars carrying their ads that are on the road at that moment. They can view the routes that the cars traverse every day and they can even get an estimate on the impressions created by the campaign. As of the moment, car signs in Brisbane are common but Wrapify is yet to come to the Australia. It is now used in 29 different cities in the United States and already 42,000 cars are listed on the platform.