Espargaro Believed A Different Goal Should Be Set By Aprilia For 2018

According to Aleix Espargaro, it might be necessary for Aprilia bikes maker to alter their expectations for the coming 2018 Moto GP season due to last year’s campaign which was quite bumpy. During his first season with the brand, Espargaro was able to achieve the 15th spot during the championship race. His best result was during the season opening which took place in Qatar and Aragon where he was able to bag the sixth place.

The past year he did not get a spot from eight races because of accidents as well mechanical errors. He was not able to take part in the penultimate round held in Malaysia because he suffered a hand injury when he crashed his ride in Australia.

Espargaro said that he was happy being with Aprilia but he admitted that their campaign for the 2017 MotoGP was really bad due to the fact that they did not achieve good points during the championship.

He added that he thought about being less passionate but he cannot change what he is when it comes to races he wants to be the lead. He said that Aprilia should consider changing their goals because he desires to be on a close fight to the podium every time he takes on a race. With the result, he believes that he and the brand might not be ready as partners.

Esparago said that he always finds it difficult to ride the bike during the first part because with a full tank he is not able to push his limits. He concluded that he wanted to forget about the past season and move one because it was not a good year for him overall.

According to Romano Albesiano, the boss of Aprilia, they admitted that the past year’s score was very depressing but he added that Esparago seemed to have a good time with his team despite the end result which was not quite good.

Esparago said that he is not happy with the result but he enjoyed riding the Aprilia bikes and hopes that 2018 will be a new start for him as he aims to be in the top six during the championship.