Experience Japanese Cuisine While In Bangkok

Going to Bangkok does not mean that all you have to eat are the local dishes because there are a variety of cuisines available in the city such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Many people are not aware that there is a large community of Japanese in Bangkok so much so that they are already creating their own handprint on Thai’s local culture. Tourists who are craving for Japanese Wagyu Bangkok can get one from the many Japanese restaurants in the city.

There is a good relationship between Thailand and Japan thus the Southeast Asian country has the most number of Japanese nationals. One-fourth of the total work permits awarded by the Thai government is for Japanese. Currently, there are many huge Japanese firms in the country and as a result there have been an increase in the number of Japanese businesses such as restaurants, supermarkets, massage parlours, karaoke bars and drinking dens.

Majority of the Japanese are residing in the Sukhumvit district which is located in Sukhumvit Road. The streets there are called soi and behind Soi 23 is an omakase restaurant worth visiting called Sushi Juban. The restaurant is not easy to find for those who have never been there before. There are other Japanese restaurants in Sukhumvit such as Isao located on Soi 33, Kisso is on soi 19, Don Don is situated at soi 39 for those craving noodles while soi 16 boasts of Ten-Sui which is home for the best sake.

Juban offers a lot of Japanese dishes which is prepared by the chef on site. Some of the bestselling dishes are octopus, nigiri, sweet smoky eel, fat tuna belly and rice with salmon on top. There are also other options on the menu such as tempura prawns.

From Juban, there is a Japanese whisky bar just a few blocks away but it only has 12 seats. There are many drink options including bourbons, single malts and blends. It is a good place to hang out after enjoying a good Japanese Wagyu Bangkok because of the ambiance. The drink selections are quite expensive at around $100 for a single shot.