First Solar Tiles Installed In Central Coast

With the world embracing greener technology, solar panels have become a big hit. Australia, which is looking to become a hotspot for renewable energy, has been working hard to integrate solar panels wherever possible.

Now, thanks to that revolution, roof maintenance in Central Coast might just need to learn how to work on solar panels, as the solar roof panel craze has finally gotten one step into Central Coast, with the region’s first solar roofing installed in the area.

The tiles were installed at the home of Mirella Atherton, in Point Frederick, who says that she’s hoping to go off the grid, or at least cut down on those obscene electricity bills. Her home was the first in the Central Coast region to have solar panels installed on the roofing, amount to 15m2 of solar tiles.

Mrs. Atherton says that she was impressed by the tiles, which she thinks actually look nice. She adds that she’s proud of being the first to have such tiles in the region, which hasn’t picked up on the solar roofing trend, unlike Sydney, where residents are lining up to get solar roofing in order to cut down on electricity costs.

According to her, the roofing of the house, which clocked in at 60 years old, was leaking and needed to be retiled, during which they learned about roofing company Monier, who not only handled roof maintenance in Central Coast, but also acted as a supplier of solar tiles imported from Germany.

Currently, she says, they’re still testing things out, and they are capable of increasing their solar profile whenever they wish. She says that solar tiles cost 20x more than normal tiles, which can be a bit of a block when aiming to get them.

The installation of the tiles was handled by Sydney Re Roofing, with assistance from Ezy Scaffolding, over a time of two weeks, which Mrs. Atherton described as a massive job.

She says that the company even provided a display of the tiles’ capabilities, letting them know how effective they are  before the installation began. Mrs. Atherton says that they will come close to being off the grid, and, at the very least, it will trim down the power bill by quite a bit.