Growing Orchids For Thailand Orchid Exporters To Sell

In Thailand, you’ll find the most number of orchid species for anywhere in Asia. The orchid otherwise known as winter flowering species, is the source of income among many Thailand orchid exporters, paired with the added resourcefulness of being able to extract Turmeric from the plant. Thai orchid flowers are so beautiful that they make a strong export product for the country.

As several botanists say there are around 1200 orchid varieties in Thailand. It includes 150 flora species, which is specific to the region of Thailand only. The Thailand orchid exporters have been raising all these species of flowers since, and are selling them to other countries.

One of the most interesting orchids found in Thailand is the Phaleonopsis, often considered as the “moth orchid”. What makes these specific species so intriguing is making it grow without soil, or the so-called epiphytic plant. Many of the varieties of Phalaenopsis can grow higher than 600 feet above the ground on tree canopies of Thailand.

Broadly speaking, the orchids are winter flowering varieties, but there are those that can be enjoyed all year round, which are fleshy and fragrant flowers. It isn’t true that all orchid flowers in Thailand have fragrance, but it can’t also be denied that they produce amazing blooms. As there are several different species of orchids grown in the country, it’s probably the reason why Thailand orchid exporters have them exported in other countries, making the orchid business flourishing.

Thailand has a largely varying landscape making it a great source for breeding orchids and making them grow almost anywhere. They can be seen high above the treetops and canopy, or just beneath the feet in the leaf litter alongside streams. One such orchid variety that chooses the lower lying areas is the Paphiopedilum. It’s actually a rare variety that grows on the ground, in damp, dark locations. It produces a single flower with its four to five leaves, which has dark maroon markings and is vivid green.

As people can find many orchid varieties wherever they are in Thailand, this is a simplistic beauty you can easily capture. It’s probably the reason why Thailand orchid exporters grow these plants and offer it to other international buyers.