Homebuilder In Colorado Opened School For Workers

Visiting Denver, one will never know that just on the edge of the city is a warehouse that serves as a school for 18 students. There they are learning how to paint, saw, plaster, drill and tile – all free of charge. The school was launched by Colorado Homebuilding Academy which is a non-profit organization that is recommended to get their Colorado Tax ID in order to operate legally with permit and licenses.

The students are learning how to build a house inside the homebuilding academy. The number might be a little low but looking at the undersupply of workers, homebuilders are trying to get as much as they can to enroll.

The 18 students are the first batch of enrollees at the school which offers a boot camp that lasted for eight weeks. The academy recently opened in 2017 and the course is entirely free. Oakwood Homes, a homebuilder company based in Denver is the founder of the nonprofit organization and the funding comes from the company itself.

According to the CEO of Oakwood, they have been trying annually to hire workers but the situation has only turned from bad to worse. When homebuilders retire, there is no one to replace them and the industry is not very good when it comes to marketing their job opportunities to the younger generation.

The owner of Oakwood is Berkshire Hathaway and the firm has decided to launch a foundation in order to establish an academy with their own funding. The foundation is donating $1,000 to the academy for each house they close deal with. As for 2017, the company is expecting to be able to seal the deal with 1,356 homes. For the opening year of the academy, there will be 11 boot camps which will be able to train around 200 workers. Officials from Oakwood are positive that they will be able to double the output of the academy in the coming year.

Hamill said that involvement from other homebuilders and trade associations are quite active because they recognize the need for workers as well. The labor force will soon have to get their Colorado Tax ID in order to be able to start their own employment process.