How To Become Home Painters In Sydney

You don’t need to take up a course just to become a professional house painter. To be home painters in Sydney, you learn the skills by doing hands-on processes. If you want to own a licence or certificate for being a house painter, you need to possess many years of work experience. In Sydney, house painters learn about the job by becoming helpers or apprentices to professional painters. They need to satisfy the local, state and federal requirements to become a proficient painter.

Their Job Description

The home painters in Sydney and its contractors can do so many things than just making a home look appealing. The painter removes all outlet covers and other fixtures before paintingis done, puts them back afterwards, and scrapes and sand the surfaces so old paint can be removed. Painters apply cement or plaster to fix cracks, apply primer and other coating materials to cover the ceiling and wall surfaces. A professional home painter will protect the furniture by covering it and utilizing a protective tape to control the drips.

Education and Training

House painters and contractors are required no formal educational trainings. If a person has the passion to paint houses, he will find reading the blueprint and shopping for classes useful to learn how to use the basic tools and the measurement techniques. Many home painters in Sydney start out as helpers. The begin with simple tasks and move to more complicated duties as their skills improve.

To get a licence, one needs to undergo apprenticeship. There are few technical schools that cater to applicants aged 18 and above and provide apprenticeship programs. They must also have good background and the stamina to perform the job. The apprenticeship program may take three to four years. Most apprentices complete a hundred hours of classroom training and work fulltime by assisting experienced painters.

Prospecting a Home Painter Career

The home painters in Sydney are highly in demand nowadays due to the development of many real estate businesses in the city. There is a high demand for painters due to the relatively short span of many paints and the owner wants to shift to a different colour trend. Working as a house painter in Sydney will make you possibly earn around AUS$30 per hour.