How To Ride A Bus From Bangkok To Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second biggest city and is in the far north of the country. It’s about more than four hundred miles north from Bangkok and if you’re planning to visit this city, you can get there in so many ways. First, there is the bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, then travelling by train or plane, each will be defined in detail as seen below:

By Bus

Travelling by bus in Thailand is quite popular in the area. From Bangkok, you will find buses that leave from the Mo Chit bus station many times a day. The price for an air-conditioned 1st class bus ticket is around $17 or 500 baht. The bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is also remarkably faster than traveling by train as you can reach the city within a 9-hour span. However, the bus seats are less comfortable than those found on trains.

By Train

Travelling by train is also popular in Thailand especially that trains leave Bangkok many times a day going to Chiang Mai. You can possibly ride many types of trains including sleeper trains, standard trains and express trains. If you want to travel by sleeper train, you need to get tickets in advance as the rides can sell out especially during holidays. And to reach Chiang Mai, it takes you around 11-15 hours of travel. However, if you’re in a hurry, you can take the bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai as an option.

By Airplane

Chiang Mai is proud of its International airport which brings in flights daily to and from Bangkok and other parts of the world. Obviously, this is the fastest way to reach Chiang Mai and there is more reasons to fly as the air tickets are reasonably priced in Thailand. If you want to travel to and from Bangkok, it will cost you around $50 or 1500 baht.

If you have plans to visit Bangkok and proceed to Chiang Mai, ensure you have searched around for the best commutation to and from Bangkok. You must note that the bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is the best option for commuting especially if you’re on a budget.