How You Can Explore And Go Khao Lak Diving

Do you like to spend a vacation relaxing on the marvellous beaches of Khao Lak? Actually, it’s an opportunity to soak in the seawaters underneath the sun. You can also aimlessly wander on the streets of this hilly region. This is the best place to go boating, Khao Lak diving, or snorkelling.

Khao Lak is an hour’s drive north of Phuket, where it extends 20-kilometres of white sandy beaches, dense tropical forests and crystal clear seawaters. Here’s you can find a suitable accommodation and facility that fit your budget. Khao Lak is the right place for relaxation and to enjoy a breathtaking natural scenery. It’s also the best place to go Khao Lak diving in the seawaters.

In Khao Lak, you’ll find several marvellous places to see and do. It’s actually a major holiday spot most suited for locals and travellers from around the world. It’s an ambiance of an island desert with gorgeous pristine beaches. It’s the right place to gaze into starlit skies while the balmy breeze washes your face, take a sneak peek at the scampering crabs on the beaches, or hit those unrolling waves. Khuk Khak Beach and the Nang Thong Beach are the most famous beaches in this paradise.

How Khao Lak Offers the Best Escapade

If you like to enjoy Khao Lak diving, you’ve got to see the Similan Islands and be amazed at the archipelago of nine tiny islands. Here you get to see the colourful corals, magnificent marine life, and crystal clear pristine seawaters. The Surin Islands too are flocked with travellers who want to enjoy hiking and snorkelling. It offers a panoramic view of the island with its huge rocks and thin woods.

If you tour Khao Lak, you’ll be able to find the Lamru National Park as a choice for nature lovers who want to see the most amazing and exotic flora and fauna. There is also the Ton Chong Fa Waterfall, where divers can jump into the giant swimming pool surrounded and shaded with large trees. Never miss the Pakweep Waterfall, which appeals to trekkers and picnic goers who want to admire the real beauty of the falls.

So ensure you come to Khao Lak and be booked in a great hotel that are priced affordably. This is definitely one great spot to be in Thailand.