Seven Tips To Take Care Of Your Car And Improve Its Functioning

Taking care of the car is very important to keep it functioning at its optimum efficiency and to maintain the curb value. Here are some quick tips to help you to take good care of your vehicle.

  • Clean both the outside and inside of the car once every month. It is very important to keep the car clean neat and tidy to keep the auto parts functioning effectively. Vacuum the interior of the car and wash the exterior with car wash.
  • It is recommended to replace the engine oil of the car regularly. The owner’s manual of the car contains information about the recommended time for oil change. Choose a good brand of oil recommended by your trusted auto parts mechanic.
  • Check the tyre pressure regularly. You should check it before going on long drives or at least once every month. Driving with incorrect tyre pressure will cause a lot of problems like difficulty in breaking, lack of proper stability and grip, increased fuel consumption and may also lead to serious accidents. Visit your neighborhood mechanic and get the tyres rotated regularly as mentioned in the owner’s manual.
  • Get the brakes pad checked regularly. It is very essential to have properly functioning braking system for the safety of the drivers and passengers in the car and also other motorists on the road. In case of any problems replace the braking system with a new one bought from a trusted dealer in auto parts.
  • Clean the mirrors regularly as they are essential for good driving. The front and rear view mirrors should be neat and clean to provide you good view of the road.
  • Maintaining the interiors of the car is required to increase the curb value of the car. Vacuum it regularly and wash the seat covers and floor mats to keep the interiors fresh and avoid the build-up of grime and dust.
  • Clean the air filter regularly and change it as mentioned in the manual of the car. An air filter is like the lungs of the car. An unclean air filter will affect the acceleration, cause damage to the combustion chamber and may cause engine failure. Invest in good quality air filters from trusted and reliable dealers of auto parts.