The Never-Ending Saga Of Skyrocketing Property Prices In Sydney

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Online outrage was very evident when a derelict home in Sydney was sold for Australian $1.41 million. The property was crumbling and would require a full scale renovation. The hefty price that was paid for the home reflects on the sky rocketing property prices in Sydney, the largest city in Australia.

According to Cameron Kusher, senior research analyst at property data firm CoreLogic, there were many reports of ridiculous prices for properties that people cannot really live on over the last 5 years. For example, a dilapidated home in Newton, Sydney’s bohemian neighbourhood was sold for Australian $1.1 million. Those who dared bid for the home at an auction were asked to sign a waiver before entering the property.

The long-term view on property prices in Sydney remains staggering even if the property market has shown signs of cooling down. Price growth has stalled to a 15-month low because the demand from foreign investors was a lot less the housing supply available.

Housing prices in Sydney have nearly doubled over the past decade. According to CareLogic, in March 2008, the average price was Australian $465,030. In March 2018, the average price is Australian $878,325. Young people are complaining that they are being priced off the property ladder but real estate mogul Tim Gurner said that millennials cannot really afford to buy a property because they are spending their money in trendy cafes. Rising property prices in Sydney can be attributed to increasing foreign investment over the last few years in Sydney and Melbourne.

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