The Start Of A Bikini Empire Through Export

Bondi Born used to be available only in upmarket sellers located in the Caribbean, America and Europe but now the luxury swimwear brand which is proudly made in Australia can be found in the country. Australians who wishes to wear the label before has to order bikini online because it is not available locally.

In May of 2017, the brand launched three ecommerce websites based in Australia, Europe and United States. Aussie women will now be able to wear something fashionable while on the beach or lounging by the pool.

This is not the usual approach for brands because the company chose to go international instead of focusing on a local level at first. With this method, the brand’s earning ranges from $1 million and $2 million for last year alone.

Bondi Born was created by Dale McCarthy, a businesswoman in Sydney, three years ago in 2015. Looking at her background, she is more inclined in the financial industry and less of the fashion.

She is one of the founding partners at Foundry Group which is a venture capital fund, and she is also Online Marketing Group’s chairman. She is Fairfax Digital’s head of strategy and mergers and acquisition department.

McCarthy created the brand at the time when she was planning to change her career path and focus on something she really loved. She had hoped to create a brand where her passion lies.

She shared that one of the most iconic beaches in the world is Bond and she wanted to spread the beauty of Bondi globally through an upmarket swimwear that is made in Australia. She planned to use only fabrics with exclusive print, linings that are very soft and hardware trims that are made by hand.

McCarthy wanted to change the way people view Australia as a country that can also produce luxury swimwear line. She is proud with her brand because the products are not manufactured in China and the brand focuses on swimwear alone. Before giving people the ability to order bikini online, she focused on exporting swimwear in the United Kingdom and this is when her brand took off and now made a name of its own.