Three Popular Areas To Stay In Bangkok

Bangkok is a trending tourist destination for travellers around the world. The throbbing nightlife of the city along with the food and shopping are the three main attractions that draw the visitors to the city. Bangkok is also slowly gaining popularity as the preferred destination for family travellers. There are a number of hotels, resorts, guesthouses and hostels that cater to the requirements of the tourists in Bangkok.

First time visitors to the city are always confused about the area to book their accommodation. Bangkok is a vast city and has several areas popular for tourists. Tourists can choose an area depending upon their budget, their purpose of visiting the city and then type of accommodation they are looking for. Family tourists looking for a luxury hotel can book their stay at the leisure hotel in Sukhumvit, which offers all the modern amenities at the centre of the city. On the other hand, backpackers looking for cheap accommodation can choose to stay at the numerous hostels on the Khao San Road.

Here are some of the popular areas for accommodation in Bangkok


Silom is the central business district of Bangkok. The area is home to many of the offices and commercial buildings. The busy office area by the day transforms into a food and party haven at night. Tourists looking for affordable options can stay at the Silom hotels.Silomis well connected through mass transit system and it is easy to commute to the other parts of the city from here.


It is one of the oldest and upscale areas of the city. The ambience of the riverside is more relaxing and romantic. Tourists can find luxurious resorts and premium hotels in this neighbourhood. Everything here is classy and quieter than other parts of the city. Owing to its upscale image, the price of the hotels in riverside is expensive. Guests looking for luxury experience at attractive prices can opt to stay at the leisure hotel in Sukhumvitand enjoy the amenities of five star hotel.


Sukhumvit is the most popular neighbourhood in the city. The area has all the posh amenities and facilities for travellers. Most of the shopping malls and fancy restaurants are located in Sukhumvit. The area is also well connected to the other parts of the city through mass transit. Sukhumvit has a good collection of luxury and business hotels. Tourists looking for a contemporary hotel near to the sky train, can stay at the leisure hotel in Sukhumvitand enjoy the perks of living at the city centre.