Trending Interior Design Concepts In Bangkok

Homes in Bangkok are moving towards new design trends in this year. Though the main emphasis of interior design is in designing comfortable spaces, the trend is moving towards sustainability. The designs are moving away from plain white walls and simple interiors to more pronounced design that showcases the special qualities of the home along with being earthy and sustainable. The design trend is leaning towards a sustainable living close to nature.

Here are some of the latest trends for interior design in Bangkok, preferred by many of the architects and interior designers.

·         Wood

The latest trend in interior design in Bangkok homes is using wood to show-off. Wooden furniture like dining tables and bookracks are used as focal points in the entire scheme of design. However, the trend is to use wood in its raw and unfinished state for a more close to the nature feel.

·         Using earth colour tones

More and more designers are using earthy tones like reds, oranges and yellows for a warm and cosy feel. The emphasis is to get the right shade or else the home will look too bright.

·         Suede and velvet upholstery

One of the latest trends in interior design in Bangkok is the use of soft and luxurious suede or velvet upholstery. A suede sofa looks classy and enhances the visual aesthetics of the room. Using suede and velvet sofas and cushions makes a room welcoming and exudes a relaxing vibe.

·         Metal furniture

Simple and elegant metal furniture with clean lines and edges is in trend. The simple furniture adds elegance to the space without looking over the top.

·         Simple window dressings

Since the emphasis is on comfortable and sustainable homes, the window dressings should be neat and simple. Use plain curtains or wooden blinds in light shades to complement the earthy design of the interiors. If privacy is not an issue, you can also choose to leave the windows bare.

·         Natural materials in décor

Maintaining the earthy theme of the interior, the interior design in Bangkok leans towards using natural materials in the décor too. Use materials like natural wood, granite, marble and concrete for the décor. This will not only look trendy but is also sustainable. You can use granite platform in your kitchen or create a feature wall using concrete and other materials.