Wanted: Perth Electrical Services With 457 Visa

A debate has been initiatedabout protectionism in West Australia’s workforce. It points out that a Perth business was forced to rectify a job ad calling only 457 visa-holders to apply.

It had an ad on Gumtree looking for a full-time electrician. It said that it was searching for applicants interested in Solar;must be willing to start ASAP; and that training can be provided. It had a requirementfor those having 457 Visa, a valid driving license, and valid Electrician License.” It simply means that it was searching for Perth electrical services from migrants.

A 457 visa is furnished by the national government and can run validity up to four years. It allows Australian businesses to hire migrants in diversified positions.

The 457 requirement stated in the ads might have prevented Australian residents to apply for the position and may perhaps be a so-called discrimination.

The search for Perth electrical services asindicated in the ad had the company face many recoiling from those who perceived the job as an opening for Australian residents.

The concerned business edited the content of the advert and said an error was madein the job description.

According to its spokesperson, the error was done by one of their staff and that management was totally unaware of such post. Once the ad was noticed, the company quickly deleted the advert in Gumtree.

Despite the correction, the business continued to draw disapproval for such error. The advert remains seen in other recruiting websites.

A large number of 457 visa employees were often terrified about vulnerable conditions due to the probable threat of being fired. Reportsfrom the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union of Australia had confirmed this statement.

457 visa holders are meant to be paid the market rate. A business can face fines for breaching their business sponsorship obligation if not abided.

Premier Mark McGowan initiated the first step to address many of the concerns of WA unions.

He said that he would soon be assessing the state’s migration occupation list.

The Western Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List or WASMOL is presently under assessment. With the assessment under way, intending migrants will not be welcomed to apply for a WA state appointment,” the website says. Hence, migrants won’t be hired for any Perth electrical services in the meantime.