Water For Framers In Drought-Stricken North South Wales

Caringbah is a suburb in the state of North South Wales, Australia. You will find a mixture of commercial, residential and industrial areas. In the commercial district, you will find small businesses that include Caringbah café, a quiet space to enjoy delicious cakes, light lunches and barista-made coffee.

However, drought has become so serious in New South Wales that farmers are accessing the new local swimming pool for water. Last week, the 8-lane outdoor pool was filled with water to test for leaks but Gunnedah Mayor James Chaffey is offering the water so that it won’t go to waste. The water is not potable but it can be useful for farmers and primary producers. The mayor knows that this water is just a drop in the ocean but he doesn’t want it to simply go down the drain.

Local officials across the drought-stricken areas in NSW are maximizing water saving measures with free water provided for stock and domestic use. Meanwhile, the Federal government is currently holding national talks on drought assistance.

The situation is North South Wales is very serious because almost 100% of the state is either in drought, on drought watch or currently experiencing the beginning of drought. At least 57% of Queensland is also experiencing drought. Discussions focus on long term drought policies and strategies as well as the building resilience and drought preparedness during climate changes.

Those who are experiencing financial hardships can apply for Farm Household Allowance (FHA) that is equivalent to an unemployment benefit. Rural financing counsellors will help the farmers in completing the FHA application.

Other organizations like North South Wales Country Women’s Organization are also offering direct assistance. Emergency grants worth $3,000 from the disaster relief fund are offered for groceries, car maintenance and household and medical bills. Big banks are also being encouraged to help farmers manage both good and bad years.

To relive the stress faced with lack of water in North South Wales, you can relax at Caringbah café and grab a cup of coffee and cake. You can also give yourself that well deserved treat with 2 scones filled with jam and cream and a pot of tea.