Will The Louvre House Salvator Mundi By Leonardo Da Vinci

One of the biggest question in the art world these past few weeks is whether the latest Leonardo da Vinci painting going to be displayed with Mona Lisa inside the Louvre Museum. This is the talk of the town because of the auction price it has coveted. For regular citizens, owning a beautiful art is still possible through websites such as Beyond a Word that specializes in art works and personalised art. According to Jean-Luc Martinez, the director of the museum, if he is given the option to decide then he wants it to stay at the museum even temporarily.

The museum director is hoping to stage a Leonardo exhibition in 2019 and with this he is hoping he would be able to borrow the artwork. The presentation will be done in time for the 30th year celebration wherein expansion and renovation was done on the Grand Louvre.

Martinez said that he is hoping that Paris will get to see Salvator Mundi. The aim of the event is to bring together the greatest art pieces made by Leonardo. As of the moment, the Louvre is the proud owner of five out of the 15 remaining paintings of the renowned artist.

Two weeks ago, Christie’s held an auction for the Salvator Mundi and the world was shocked by the winning auction bid which is $450 million – it now holds the record for the highest value art. International critics are now feasting on the discussion regarding the fact that the art work has undergone extensive restoration and it was not of the best quality for the opinion of many. People are also shocked by the price that the rich people are willing to pay to own the artwork.

Louvre’s representative said that they are currently on the process of making a list to see what Leonardo da Vinci pieces they can loan for the exhibition in 2019. They think that it is way too early to reveal anything about the list they are making.

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